Hi guys. Here’s the lyrics for the newest falcon song. The album, Gather Up the Chaps comes out March 18 on Red Scare. The tour starts early april and shows are starting to sell out, so don’t snooze. Go here and click on tour dates to see where we’re gonna be. Then, head HERE to listen. Use the words below to sing. Cool times. Love y’all. xoxoxo

The Fighter. The Rube. The Asshole
Depressed and he sings about whiskey
deranged and he’s covered in flies
the girls get their bindles delivered from boys on their bikes
and i don’t believe in anyone
and you’re not as hard as you say
you aren’t dying or soaking your soul
boy, you don’t know shit about shame

you are a beautiful man with guitar covered in glory and love
you’ve never shaken and barfed in your bed even once

I don’t believe you’re a fighter
I don’t believe you’re a rube.
I don’t believe in nothing you’re trying to prove

I’m up here dying with headfulls of pills,
fingers of rubber a heartful of chills.

Somewhere something’s on fire and somewhere a boy’s ’bout to die
somewhere down in a rathole, they’re praying to come up alive

but this is the part where the pretty ones laugh while they’re pretending to cry

so bang on your drum and raise up your arms to the only god you’ve ever known.
but stay the fuck out of my alley. This is my home.

You ain’t nothing but an asshole

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Hasselhoff Cheeseburger

The falcon just released the first song from our upcoming record, Gather Up the Chaps. Here are the lyrics. Here is the song. Pls to enjoy. ahem, booya.

Grapple down the scaffolding like Hasselhoff dismantling
the greasy mantle pieces and the cheesiest diseases…
mangling a cheeseburger while rolling in your feces
I’m a hairy, old Khaleesi, draggin’ ass, draggin’ on
overacting after all the audience is gone
and repeating.
I used to catch that beating in the station wagon seating
when my old man got that feeling.
I got in some trouble, trouble wrapped up in a baggie
I’ll get you high and nekkid if you let me have your aggie.

Humpin up the himalayas, saying someone’s shitty prayers
Crime is closing in, this time the grime is piling up in layers.
All these players are just kids. I wonder where the grown-ups is.

Flapping lips, shiny scalps, jealous looks at ugly whelps.

And I’m shrinking. my self control is smitten.

Stinking as I care less and less about the ending.

Baby, I just wanted to be lazy.
I only became a man because this ugly body made me
Now I’m feeling faded and I’m fading.
It’s degrading
and I hate it.

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