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Brendan Kelly (born September 8, 1976) is the bassist/vocalist of Chicago-based punk band The Lawrence Arms, as well as guitarist/lead vocalist in The Falcon and Brendan Kelly and the Wandering Birds. Kelly’s former bands include Slapstick and The Broadways. He is known for his raspy vocals, drunken demeanor, and onstage witticisms.

Kelly also appeared on The Daily Show in a correspondent piece by Ed Helms entitled “The Clash” in which he criticized Michale Graves for being a Republican.

In 2010, Brendan released a split album with Joe McMahon of the punk rock band Smoke or Fire, entitled Wasted Potential. Brendan’s half of the split contained acoustic versions of Lawrence Arms songs, as well as a cover of “Kiss the Bottle” by Jawbreaker.

In 2011, Brendan released a 3-song EP, A Man With The Passion of Tennessee Williams, with new band the Wandering Birds. A full length, I’d Rather Die Than Live Forever, followed in 2012. The Wandering Birds are generally darker in tone than Kelly’s earlier musical output. He also created a short film, The Spirit of Transparency, to promote the project.

During the periods of inactivity of his musical projects, Brendan has been joined by fellow punk rock singers Laura Jane Grace and Brian Fallon in maintaining a blog, Bad Sandwich Chronicles. The blog is a mixture of scatological humor, social commentary, and stories of life in music. Kelly also co-hosts iconic music television program JBTV in Chicago.

Kelly also provided guest vocals on the Alkaline Trio song “I Wanna Be A Warhol” on their 2013 release My Shame Is True.

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