Boardin’ USA lyrics!

Hey hey! As Wandering Birds season gets fired up again, I’m pleased to share the lyrics here for our newest track, Boardin USA! which appears on the Music For Everyone comp, benefiting the ACLU and conceptualized by all-around great guy John Nolan. Super glad to be part of it. Dig the comp here On this track, the Wandering Birds are Derek Grant and Dan Tinkler. Anyway, here’s the lyrics. Fun fact: there’s a deeply hidden political statement contained in these here words. see if you can’t decipher it.

Boardin’ USA

There’s a groovy new craze and it’s really, really making a scene, now
It can make you go totally nuts, if you know what I mean, now
All you need is a rag and a cold, dark room, a pitcher of water and some restraints too
just tie your dude down, baby, come and waterboard with me.

Well, he’ll cry and he’ll shake and he’ll tell you that it feels like he’s drowning
(waterboard, waterboard)
Then you say you’ll take the corpse of his son and throw it back where you found it.
And the next thing you know, he’ll be singing a tune.
Then you can cut him loose and send him back to his dune.
Yeah, you can hear the waterboarders screamin’ all over the bay

Well, I know it’s torture when the sun goes down
but I wanna know what they’re all thinkin’ about
Let’s take that 8 year old girl, and let’s strap her down
baby come and waterboard with me

When the sun comes up, I’m haunted by the screams and the shakin’
but that all fades when I smell you cooking eggs with some bacon
a little bit of breakfast and some coffee too
and a guy who’s got some explainin’ to do
he’s already starving and he’s black and he’s blue
and still he’s waterboarding all day.

Waterboard. Let’s do the waterboard.

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  1. Faggot-Ass Loser 5000 says:

    If you think Borat is the apex of comedy, I’m totes fine with the notion of not getting along grandly with you, js. SBC is such a lame ass tryhard lol. PS shouldnt ya have broken up these “holy 2009” lyrics across like 6 or 7 tweets hawnk hawnk? Dont try to return to the bloggin’ fold once a yr for conspicuous self promotion, ya let that ship sale for the infantile quick gratification faggotry of 140-character childrenz happy meals. It was and is a real downgrade but FFS lie in yer bed and have some self respect, word

  2. One eyed peacock from Australia says:

    Hi thanks for all the tunes and band recommendations over the years.
    Happy new year. Im going a solid 365 days no booze and no cigarettes.
    A new year list would be so cool right about now

  3. Lighter than feathers says:

    Approachable members of your local community

  4. Anonymous says:

    I would love a dan and Brendan tour in Oz

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