Gather Up The Lyrics!

Here are the lyrics to Gather Up the Chaps by the Falcon for all y’all who wanna sing along but bought a digital copy or you fine folks that just don’t feel like payin, by diddly. If you have questions, leave em in the comments and I’ll do my best to respond. There’s some unexpected references up in this one to say the least. So far, the response has been great. Thank you for bearing with us. So stoked to see you all on tour soon (and YES! We will be heading west in the next few months). Anyway, happy listening/reading/singing.
Love, BK and the Falcon

The Trash
Shit eating grin
happening again
ugly boys on ugly trains doing ugly things
stow away low
down with the crew
down in the galley like good girls do

Take out the trash
show her the town
pour in the poison
try not to drown
try not to yell
try not to cry
this isn’t hell
this is goodbye

i’m like a demon
trapped in a man
that I’m killing right where he stands
This is disease
you get by the can
these shitty pages
are all that i have

War of Colossus
Keep on digging til you get to the bottom where they sing with a whole different tongue
Keep on trying out them outfits if you got em, and someday you’ll find the right one
But you hate that guy in the mirror
you hate that guy in your clothes
I’m kinda starting to hate that guy too and I don’t give a shit if he knows

The kraken strangles the girth of the whale
blood so black as it drains in the shale
the war of colossus, leviathan pride
Something gigantic is dying tonight
I got some money, greasy and green
on the one who fights dirty and treats his bitch mean
there ain’t no room for that shit in my scene
but bitching’s the downside of living a dream

when do your parents go out for the night?
I’ve got a some gas and a taste for a fire
let’s get some liquor and set it off right
i bet that we could get higher
they say dying’s for cowards and liars
but I wanna try
i wanna die and I don’t care who knows

Sergio’s Here
I went to rehab for being too damn high
With you dumb motherfuckers in the middle of the night.
and when I get back, I’m gonna find you guys
Take us to the L&L and make us drink til one of us dies

Red skies, hot rain, ugly boys bathing in the drain

The moon and skies are falling but Sergio’s here
Death has come a-calling but now Sergio’s here
Do you have the money, girl, I wanna get high
and goddamnit, Sergio’s here!

They do some gamblin on these cocks and balls
and the dealer drives right up to the door when you call
and I been rambling, but hey, maybe I’ll stay
Your face seems like a pretty great place to decay

and I’ll try to make you laugh
I’ll try to make you sweat
and shake and convulse and moan “holy shit”

Holy Shit!

did you get the funny feeling Sergio’s here?
I hear all that heavy breathing. Sergio’s here
Do you have the money girl, I wanna get high
And goddamnit, Sergio’s here.

Bathing in the stars. Cool among the graves
treat it like art, a sweet little mistake
what else has there ever been?
Now baby come near.
And maybe bring your money…um, Sergio’s here

The Skeleton Dance
I’m outa drugs
so I’m leaving.
I can’t listen to the babbling and breathing
down on my knees in the deep red snow watching the world’s worst puppet show
I’m so tired of hearing me talk. I don’t give a shit about the way I walk
so fuck who I know if it ends this conversation
I’d rather sit alone at the Rockwell Station.

Now bleed for me.
Nothing costs nothing up in this piece
Is it knees, or a tiny bit of teeth?

They’re fucking on the screen, but over here it’s just me

They be fuckin….
and I’m so alone
a party in each hand but no one’s home
love can be buried, love can be bought
I’m a rough rider
and that’s all that I got
I went on down to the disco bar
the ladies at the door were a little too hard
I got scared and I sat in my car
cuz i ain’t strong like you and tommy are, daddy.

Now bleed for me.
Nothing means nothing up in this piece
Is it knees, or a little bit of teeth?

Baby I lose this mind
so i don’t have to make sense
so I don’t have to make em laugh
so I don’t have to make friends
So i got another nosebleed
so I threw up in the stall
Tomorrow’s gonna suck, man, don’t they all.

Hasselhoff Cheeseburger
Grapple down the scaffolding like Hasselhoff dismantling
the greasy mantle pieces and the cheesiest diseases…
mangling a cheeseburger while rolling in your feces
I’m a hairy, old Khaleesi, draggin’ ass, draggin’ on
overacting after all the audience is gone
and repeating.
I used to catch that beating in the station wagon seating
when my old man got that feeling.
I got in some trouble, trouble wrapped up in a baggie
I’ll get you high and nekkid if you let me have your aggie.

Humpin up the Himalayas, saying someone’s shitty prayers
Crime is closing in, this time the grime is piling up in layers.
All these players are just kids. I wonder where the grown-ups is.

Flapping lips, shiny scalps, jealous looks at ugly whelps.
And I’m shrinking. my self control is smitten.
Stinkin as I care less and less about the ending.

Baby, I just wanted to be lazy.
I only became a man because this ugly body made me
Now I’m feeling faded and I’m fading.
It’s degrading
and I hate it.

Dead Rose
Take me down to the Elgin tracks and bring the crow reserve
I’ll bring lots of tiny bags to calm and jolt our nerves
I’m the one who’s dying and you’re playing along
I’m down in the basement jamming Wrong.

Two lips, two lungs and one tongue, all of them for you.
somewhere in a kitchen he’s cooking dinner for 2
I hope that he’s listening to you talk about your day
your plans to save and find a better place and move away

I woke up this morning with blood caked on my nose
I woke up this morning without no kind of home
I woke up this morning dreaming of where dead roses go
and how i love you so.

The Fighter. The Rube. The Asshole
Depressed and he sings about whiskey
deranged and he’s covered in flies
the girls get their bindles delivered from boys on their bikes
and i don’t believe in anyone
and you’re not as hard as you say
you aren’t dying or soaking your soul
boy, you don’t know shit about shame

you are a beautiful man with guitar covered in glory and love
you’ve never shaken and barfed in your bed even once

I don’t believe you’re a fighter
I don’t believe you’re a rube.
I don’t believe in nothing you’re trying to prove

I’m up here dying with headfulls of pills,
fingers of rubber a heartful of chills.

Somewhere something’s on fire and somewhere a boy’s ’bout to die
somewhere down in a rathole, they’re praying to come up alive

but this is the part where the pretty ones laugh while they’re pretending to cry

so bang on your drum and raise up your arms to the only god you’ve ever known.
but stay the fuck out of my alley. This is my home.

You ain’t nothing but an asshole

If Dave Did It

bay area bitch
his father’€™s favorite son
watch him wrap his handsome lips around my favorite gun

I saw when you walked in
a chill ran down her spine
better watch your hipster ass, I told you she was mine

what a tangled web I weave
I can love her better, cause I don’€™t ever leave
whatever he’s got that I ain’€™t got
it’€™s only in my head

it’s just a switch
I swear I can turn it off
I swear that I’€™ll just head home, chalk it all up to a loss
I swear that’€™s not me waiting
right outside the bar
I swear I won’t do anything, just stay here in the car
what a tangled web I weave
I can love her better, ‘cause I don’t ever leave whatever he’€™s got that I ain’€™t got
it’€™s only in my head
it’€™s all here in my head

Sailor’s Grave
Mother can you hear me?
Words freeze in frosty gasps.
I ate the dogs long ago, don’t know if I can last.
I been talking to myself, wallowing in dirt.
I ain’t much for company but this shit really hurts.

So give me situation, give me Puck and Judd.
I hate those motherfuckers but at least they’re pumping blood

Daddy I got scared and you had to stop the car
while the blood ran out my nose
you went into the bar.

I ain’t clever, I ain’t brave. I got nothing left to say.
I am but a sailor, this is but a sailor’s grave.


We all march forward, just singing songs of war
With our painted volleyballs riding on that painted horse
and our voices echo over the sand
wandering these deserts where the windmills run the land

Glue Factory
Take me down to the ballgame where the yellow grass grows
where the dead lay in piles under circling crows
where the trials and tribulations of the bump and scrape
of your life just melt into a bleak dismay.

Take me to the glue factory where the horsies go
for their very last little dog and pony show
where we melt em into glue and hold em up to our nose
until we can’t get home, til we’re laughing alone

and the bones rattle and we dance
and we all join in the chant
we sing “baby, you got nothing to fear because nothing this shitty can last”

the dance of the doomed is so easy to learn
just stick your dick in until that shit starts to burn
and stand there, stopping staring, never caring
suspicions on your lips but there’s never no sharing.
Oh no.

You Dumb Dildos
Are you ever gonna let me die?
Are you ever gonna let me die?
Punched me in the gut
Now I’m bleeding inside
Put a needle in my arm
And pinned open my eyes
Are you ever gonna let me die?

We made a sorry looking world
We made a sorry looking world
We brought water to its people
Then we poisoned the well
We made a sad and magic mirror
Now we’re righteously under its spell
What a sorry fucking world

I’m a lost soul soaring under dead moons
You’re out here for something ugly too
The morning is for coughing
The afternoon’s for shakes
The whiskey starts at five when I’ve had all I can take
And I ain’t living with the hope of getting very far
This world was so beautiful
But I stopped at the bar

All that ends in pain
Attach it to our names
We never tried too hard
Just burned shit in our yards (burnin shit! We’re burnin shit!)
The landfills full of blame
We’re so proud of the shame
We always win these wars
Because we don’t keep score

We made a sorry fuckin world
We made a sorry fuckin world
Are you ever gonna let me die

Black Teeth
Big dicks, dead hearts, small minds, dead guards,
Lupine moon cries, that fat kid dies.
Black teeth, black souls, black heart, stretched holes
Press hard release. Black teeth.
Black teeth.
In stalls
In fields. In dreams, on reels
big loads in beards
black teeth. Crowd cheers
Black socks. Bad food. Blackouts. Attitude.
Black boys unleashed
Black mo
fuckin teeth

When we all fall out, the crowd will be shouting
When we all fall out the blood will be pounding
When we all fall out, you’ll be crying about it.
What you crying about?

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  1. You beardos need to be all puched in the face


  2. * punched

    Why not get your Ed Hardy tshirts out too ?

    Nice yellow

  3. your loyal Dog of War says:

    Heya Beex! Love the record. Skeleton Dance is maybe one of my favorite song you’ve written (along with Marge and Paradise Shitty,) but I can’t figure out who “Tommy” is. I’d imagine a literary deep cut, but I’m at a loss. I also saw you tease that there’s many layers to “aggie” in Hasselhoff Cheeseburger and am eager for any elaboration you might provide. Miss the blog, but between the Wandering Birds, TLA, and the Falcon you’ve been killing it recently. Xoxo

  4. Wazza says:

    Fuck me dude
    I miss this blog. You got me through boot camp back in 2013 w this. Same time u came to oz for soundwave

  5. Andrew Hudson says:

    Destination Dirtpipe -William H Nutsack.

    P.S its been awhile and yes, i ran a bypass.

  6. Zach says:

    This album doesn’t suck. I’ve been listening to it a lot and tonight I’m gonna see you play it live. Please be as great as you always are and I’ll be the most stoked.

  7. Johnny Ostentatious says:

    Thanks for posting this! I downloaded the album from Amazon — no PDF booklet.

  8. Warwick says:

    Hey due to work moving me over christmas im going to be homeless for the holidays. Thinking going from Brisbane Aus to Chicago USA. Anyone here feel like helping me book my trip. I WILL PAY. I have no clue where to look. Im interested in seeing some popular sites and just the overall local scene. Thank you.

    Reply me back here and ill give you my contact.

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