Don’t shoot Cartoonists, yall.

I don’t even really know how to write this. I stand firmly on the side of these cartoonists, freedom, satire, etc. I am anti jihad. I don’t back terror at all. Ever. I am team Rushdie. 100%. I don’t want to take anything at all away from a terrible tragedy. Cartoonists being killed because they insult someone’s goofy ancient belief system, that’s a horrible, dark, inexcusable thing. It really shook me yesterday morning. The rhetoric around this that I’ve seen, regarding the shooters has been pretty “look at these savages, they’re so humorless, they’re beasts. They deserve what they get,” which I tend to agree with.


However, this isn’t really very different from the response to a furious black america burning down gas stations in Ferguson recently. “I got no sympathy for people who trash their own neighborhood” say disappointed white people who have probably never been pushed to the breaking point by a world that actively hates and seeks to destroy them. To quote a great, and severely underrated band, the Honor System, “Starve the dogs for a week, fence em in, they’ll fight until they feed.” When you systematically attempt to destroy people, and senselessly harm them, how can you act surprised when they flip around and use seemingly random, or at the very least, misplaced, frustrated violence in return. At the risk of drawing a super condescending parallel, kids who are beaten often grow up to beat their kids. It ain’t right, but you beat something into someone’s blood long enough, it starts flowing there. Violence begets violence. This is always true and anyone who denies it is either terribly naive or so pampered or detached from reality that they have no real business commenting on violent acts of desperation in the first place.


So the people in Ferguson destroyed some locally owned businesses. How shocking! My friend recently smashed his acoustic guitar into bits after getting into a fight with his wife. Was it stupid? For sure. Is it an unprecedented act of savage sub-humanity? Not even close. there’s a reason that soap operas feature a lot of lamp throwing during heated domestic disputes. That shit happens all the time, even to fancy, white people lamps. BUT, we ain’t talking Ferguson or American race relations or any of that shit today. We’re talking about a couple of shitty thin-skinned, humorless cowards killing some cartoonists simply because they dared insult mohammed. It’s ugly, and it’s a dark day for art, for freedom, for any kind of world that seeks to be free from brutal, thuggish strong arming.


But lemme ask you something. Do you think there’s ANY chance that these dudes had been pushed so far that they just wanted to kill, and this just seemed like a good lightening rod? Do you think it’s possible that the ‘these mofuckers drew mohammed’ was…not an excuse, but a righteous rallying point, a magnifying glass through which to magnify a disenfranchised rage so profound and complete that even the people of Ferguson couldn’t quite understand it?


When we say things like “well, US foreign policy creates more terrorists through these botched military operations” what are we really saying? We’re saying that our bombs and soldiers go into these deserts and kill everyone, brutally. The people left, young men who have seen their children killed for no reason in front of them, children who have seen their parents destroyed IN FRONT OF THEM, rally together in destroyed, bombed out shells of homes and try to make sense of a world where the sky rains fire, money flows like rivers away from them and the organization that just killed your family, your neighbors family and your entire neighborhood, is still occupying your rubble, not speaking your language, not assimilating into your value system, but instead mocking it, killing more people and making more plans to destroy and undermine your way of life. I know, this sounds dramatic and apologist. It’s not. I’m just suggesting that under these circumstances, I bet some pretty fucked up value systems get run up what’s left of the flagpole.


I mean, have you EVER considered traveling intercontinentally to kill a cartoonist? Fuck no. That’s desperate shit. Psychopath shit. In the states, our psychopath shit just seems senseless. Over there, decades of brutality give it an agenda. It’s still psychopath shit, but it’s psychopath shit with the paper-thin veneer of an excuse attached to it, and it seems like we’re all focusing on the excuse like it has any real relevance at all, when it’s obvious bullshit. It’s like focusing on accidentally bumping into a guy at a bar who’d already decided he was gonna kick your ass because he hates your face.

To be clear: I hate the idea of thuggish censorship. I hate violence. I strongly distrust guns. I hate radical fundamentalism, whether it’s islam or christianity. Fuck it all. However, I think that our narrative is deeply flawed when we see these kinds of acts and don’t even ask why they’re happening beyond “wow, these assholes hate our freedom and get super butthurt when you mock their dumb prophet.” That’s ignoring A) that this is an act perpetrated by crazy people and B) that there’s rage out there that’s very real and it’s the result of personal loss and horrible grief. “They hate our freedom?” Sheeeit, maybe because our ‘freedom’ is what’s dropping bombs on their children. At this point, that party line is so played, but all yesterday, I heard otherwise-smart people reducing this senseless horror to that.

No one should be killing anyone, and when something truly evil happens, sometimes it’s just a mailman in a clown suit burying young boys in satanic patterns in his crawlspace but sometimes it’s psychopaths spawned from a place where the rest of a world has destroyed everything they love right in front of their faces and lit their cigars on the burning remains. That horror is real too. Just something to think about.

love you guys.


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  1. KS says:

    fuck. i really, really wish you had a larger platform so more people could read your work. i’m just just saying that either – i’ve constantly been impressed with the way you handle tragedy and bring out a bigger point. i grew up muslim and got into punk rock early on. it really made me challenge my belief system and honestly it was bands like propagandhi that first made me realize that there were people out in the world that felt religion wasn’t necessary. as i’ve gotten older ive come to terms with my identity – im a muslim. i was born a muslim, its my family background and i cannot be separated from it. i dont believe in any of it, and i generally tend to think religion causes more harm than good, but its still a huge part of my identity. so when things like this happen it really fucks with me. cause while i dont practice islam and think its ideology is ridiculous, its not violent, or at least anymore violent than christianity and judaism. But what drives these dudes isn’t some hidden message in the quran that says they should kill cartoonists, its this pent up anger and frustration that their lands have been bombed and looted for DECADES. i can tell you man, this would drive even the most sane, rational person, over the brink. but when you talk like this you get accused of justifying horrible acts of violence when all you are doing is trying to understand why this happens, and how we can actually prevent this shit from happening. anyways, what the fuck do I know. thanks for writing. love this blog.

  2. MT says:

    This made me cry. Thank you, BK.

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  4. Robb says:

    There’s a very clearcut, unprovoked, institutionalized marginilization of bleeeck fooooolks goin down in this country, obvious to anyone who isnt utterly stoopid or intellectually dishonest as all get-out. The acts of (misplaced) violence en masse ala Ferguson are at least understandable, if not justifiable, in light of such. …Where the fuck is the analogue for that re: Muslims/Islam, stateside or elsewhere? No one started giving a fuck about Islam one way or the other until it was inextricably threaded into the popular narrative of 9/11, before which every non-Muslim of the First World was perfectly content to not give the smallest fuck about the various quirks and idiosyncracies of that positively retarded belief system and its adherents. No, Islamic Jihad is another beast entirely, which actively declares anyone who is merely uninterested or doesnt buy into the hokum of Islam as an “enemy” combatant who is entirely deserving of violent retribution. A random guy like me who just goes around quietly thinking Islam, militant or otherwise is fucking retarded is an “enemy” of Islam. …A high profile satirical publication that makes frequent public mockery of its maxims? Fuuuuughiit abaaawt ehht! It’s no more or less dumb than the similar “join us or I’m afraid we can’t mingle” mentality of Christianity but with the ever-looming threat of barbaric mongloloid violence. So, no, Charlie Hebdo slaughter NOT akin to Ferguson, et al…not by a long shot.

    • Aariz says:

      Clearly you think you know more than you do. Perhaps you should read more and type less.

      • Robb says:

        Golly, what an airtight rebuttal! You really showed ME~!
        Newsflash: any anus can say “you’re wrong, and an idiot” without actually doing the legwork making their case…provided they actually have one.

      • Robb says:

        PS – it’s fairly obvious that you have filed me under “xenophobic/racist dummy who is weary of all things foreign”, and you couldn’t be more misguided. But, anyhoo…

  5. beebee says:

    i dont know man. anyway slapstick should get back together.

  6. Nicole says:

    I don’t understand how you’re not a popular writer. Your outlook on issues are so spot on and a great representation of how people think. This was so well written that I want to hump you.

  7. Nick says:

    ya but fuck them right…so you’re saying their brains are damaged by family trauma, and they would find a way to do evil shit no matter what…Islam is just the modality they have chosen through which to become worldwide freedom destroyers…eh, maybe…

    • Aariz says:

      Yeah. How implausible that “they” (assuming you mean two guys because assuming “they” is 1 billion people would be really stupid) have been traumatized is just soooooo unbelievable.

  8. bill maher says:

    What gets my goozle is the huge faction of dumbfuck self-ascribed leftists/liberals/progs who end up playing white knight apologist for shit like Hebdo because they’re so preoccupied with adopting a stance of open-minded “tolerance”, following the mercurial breeze of political correctness, and getting their Social Justice Warrior on that they never stop research or scrutinize whether the stuff they’re defending actually warrants any real level of respect or whether it’s actually every bit as dumb and backwards as, say, the Big C, which this species loves to lambast at every opportunity while extending an olive branch to a culture/religion that makes Christianity look downright warm and inviting toward, say, homosexuals.

    Like, dollars 2 donuts that matt ramone fucktard is waste deep in fashionable whiskey in some “dive” making the case for why Alak-malak is justified in his “righteous” bloodshed as we speak. hehe~

  9. bill maher says:

    You know what I mean riiiiiight Beeeeez? Them folks who affectedly champion by default anything that isn’t white anglo-saxon protestant/christian/’murican, for the sole reason of not being any of those things, because their overriding desire to distance themselves from those things causes them to jump head first into some even fucking dumber shit? Course ya do! You probz know a few

  10. Anonymous says:

    Holy shit im, hungover

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  12. Anonymous says:

    Sorry about taylor negron, beex

  13. Han says:

    Great post. This article by the Muslim author Yvonne Ridley expresses some similar sentiment and is really worth a read:

    “Instead of blathering about freedom of speech, which is being eroded daily by our own governments in Washington, London and Paris, what we need to do is analyse why 12 families are grieving today in France over the needless loss of their loved ones. What happened on 9/11 is a clue but it was not the start of something new; it was the continuation of American and European injustices that have roots in Palestine and neighbouring countries in the region where literally millions have been killed, injured and displaced in the name of the West’s much-vaunted freedom and liberty. Very few of the alleged beneficiaries of the West’s neo-crusades are better off in any way whatsoever.”

  14. Anonymous says:

    Great article. How the fuck do you not have your own podcast??

  15. Anonymous says:

    is bsc dead or just gone to bed?

  16. faggot says:

    Yaaasss I can see why you abandoned the archaic long form blog thing…your tweets are absolutely unassailable!


  17. Old mate says:

    Still checking this almost daily.

  18. John says:

    Today I quit drinking tomorrow

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