Shiiiiiiiit, son. I’m about to head down to Florida where a bunch of exciting crap’s gonna happen. For one, my buddy Chris, who some of you know as the Sundowner, will be playing tonight(!) at 540 at the beloved (?) florida theater. You should go. Tomorrow, I, Brendan Kelly, will be playing a show somewhere at some time. I don’t have quite as much information on that for some reason, but I DO know that I go on right after the Copyrights and that I’m gonna be fucking kickass, so don’t snooze on that, dadddios and mommios. Uh…what else? Oh, right! Sunday! Sunday night the Lawrence Arms (a band that features both Sundowner and Brendan Kelly, along with our handsome rhythmsmith Cap’n Hennessy), will be playing a show. That one is in the big room, whatever that’s called now, and it’s near the end of the scheduled program. I think we’re right before All, which is pretty cool too. So there. Now you know what I’ll be up to this weekend.

Wanna hang out? Sure you do. So go to Florida and walk around and look for me. I’ll be the out of shape dude with the bad tattoos who’s unshaven and surly because I don’t have enough pizza and beer in me. I’ll probably be hanging out with a loudmouth or two. Bring your stash and share it with us for maximum awesomeness.

Word on the streets is that our TM (that’s Tour Manager for those of you not in the biz) Toby, got hunted by the cops for telling the dude at the front desk of the hotel to “Do [his] fucking job.” The cops apparently showed up, guns drawn, and interrogated Chris, which I think is great. If there’s one thing florida needs more of, it’s people pulling out guns and waving them around when there’s nothing serious going on. Thanks for all the vigilance, sunshine state! It’s your quickly drawn pistol that keeps your citizenry among the most sane and well behaved in the entire contiguous 48. Florida used to be ‘america’s penis’ but I think it’s time we re-named it “America’s unnecessarily drawn firearm.” Am I right, Bill Maher? HAHAHAHHAHA! Mercy.


I really don’t have much else to rap at you guys about but since we’re speaking of fest and the turdcore scene that it nurtures (and that I am a proud member of), I want to throw this out there: Kingwood by Millencolin is the most criminally underrated album of the entire genre. No! Don’t go away! Hear me out! A few years ago, the Lawrence Arms (the band I’m in, we play Sunday at the fest), got offered to go on tour with Millencolin in Europe, in support of their Kingwood release. Our initial thoughts were twofold: 1) That’s gonna be a big fucking tour, we can’t turn that down and 2) Isn’t Millencolin that dorky ska band from Sweden who sings joke songs about food?

Well, we accepted the tour, met the dudes, all of whom were really nice, played our show and sat back to see why there were 3000 Euros who were willing to come see this band. The answer, fellow snarky dipshits, may astound you. It’s because they are FUCKING AWESOME. Kingwood, far from a ska record, is the kind of record that should sit on your shelf between Goddamnit and Caution. It’s an abrasive, at times dark, highly experimental take on poppy punk and it’s got moments that rival anything in the genre. These dudes came out and just KILLED every single night, doing flawless executions of spectacularly written songs. By the third day, we were jamming the CD in the van all day and then watching every minute of their show each night. The fact that they used to be a skatepunk, ska influenced goofy band is kind of irrelevant. The fact that their followup album, Machine 15, didn’t do very well in the States (I don’t think), is also irrelevant. The fact, my friends, IS, that Kingwood is a goddamned brilliant piece of work, one that should have them as rotating headliners of the Fest just on the strength of that album alone. And yes, there are some endearingly goofy lyrics (Ray, which is one of the jammers, btw) and there are some songs that aren’t as cool as they think they are (Shut You Out), but overall, it’s a sprawling, compelling and very, very important, unfortunately forgotten chapter in the scene that this Gainesville fest is all about. If you don’t think the bridge to Farewell My Hell, or the entirety of Mooseman’s Jukebox is brilliant, then I dunno. To me, the Kingwood album is a gold star version of what we’re all doing here, from the Lawrence Arms to the Trio to Hot Water to The Menzingers to all the people with all the beards and a command of about five chords, and so on and so forth. Get that shit. It’s good.

See you fucks tomorrow.


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21 Responses to FEST CONTENT

  1. maxpower says:

    that tour was the first and only time i saw you guys. i was there just for millencolin, didn’t know who you were back then. to me it’s their second best record. pennybridge pioneers probably’s even in my top five records of all time. it’s their first one not full of goofy ska songs (which i also used to love by the way). machine 15 didn’t get any attention because it apparently sucks, which is sad.

  2. maxpower says:

    oh, also have fun at fest, wish i could be there.

  3. Shooster says:

    I love Kingwood

  4. lmao says:

    “Went to Barnard College, where she majored in philosophy, wrote plays and was co-founder of an improv group called “The Tea Party Ensemble” ”


  5. Drew says:

    Kingwood is probably my fave from them too, it’s really good. Pennybridge Pioneers and Life on a Plate are good too, not to mention their recent B sides album.

  6. Matt says:

    Millencolin – Mr. Clean from Punk-o-rama 4. is one of the early songs that got me in to punk music and i love all their early albums.

    That said Kingwood is the record i go back to most often. Brilliant from Start to finish.

  7. Jake says:

    With you all the way on Kingwood. Saw them on Warped tour in 2004 (I think), when I was 16 and didn’t know who they were other than that Kemp song, which was alright. They killed it, and I ended up getting one their guitarist’s picks which was pretty damn cool at the time. And still is, cause it’s still in my guitar case, haha.

  8. Jake says:

    And also, if you aren’t a fan of Bullion, then there’s something wrong with your brain! Such a fun jam.

  9. pooosy says:

    Never really looked into Millencolin. I mean I’ve known of their existence for awhile but yeah. So are there multiple Kingwoods or is Kingwood the textbook anomalous superb album from otherwise forgettable band ala Forget What You Know? Yeah I said it, that record’s great.

    • pooosy says:

      Oh, sorry, let me clarify. The way this works is I was seeking input on this matter, you bastion of clammy, unhelpful retards. Ehh, fuck Millencolin. I’ll take my chances that I’m missin out on something spectacular

  10. pooosy says:

    Btw Beex you heard Aftershock yet? It’s Motorhead so it sounds precise;y the same as every other album but when that sound is so perfect who gives a fuck right?

  11. Greg says:

    Way back when cell phones could first have ringtones that weren’t beeping and booping, I shelled out whatever amount of money it was to download Mooseman’s Jukebox as my ringtone. Worth it. I loved whenever I got a call.

  12. Bizzaro Ebert says:

    I listened to Kingwood a lot when I was training for the marathon last month. I’m glad they’re popular somewhere, because I don’t know anyone that likes them here. Home From Home has a few truly great moments as well.

  13. Mike says:

    Fest was a blast. TLA and your solo shows were amazing. Thanks for the experience.

  14. Diceman says:

    No cigar ! From pennybridge best song Eva .. From them and bullion love that shit takes me back to punk o Rama. !

  15. Nadz says:

    I BELIEVE IN KINGWOOD DAYS! This is actually the only good thing you’ve ever written – Excuse me while I defecate in a car park in Central London now.

  16. Nadz says:

    Oh, also, SHUT YOUR MOUTH, BIG BOY! Love that line, makes the tune.

  17. Brent says:

    I always loved Millencolin. I got Life On A Plate when I was in 6th grade, and loved it though high school. For Monkeys was pretty good too (Minus ‘Monkey Boogie’ which may have been the worst song a band I like has ever made) but my favorite was Pennybridge Pioneers. I sort of fell off before Kingwood and now I’ll check it out. I recently revisited Pennybridge Pioneers (the album before Kingwood) all the way through, for the first time in probably 5 years. I came to the conclusion that it’s the catchiest and probably best pop punk record ever made. So, get into it if you haven’t. Also, please invite them to America to play with you when you come back on tour.

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