It’s Voting Season, yo!

Hey y’all. It’s that time of year again, which means it’s time for me to beg all y’all to head over to the Reader’s ‘Best of Chicago’ poll and vote for Bad Sandwich Chronicles for ‘best blog.’ Thanks, SO much. While you’re there, I’d like to recommend a few other things you could vote for, such as Red Scare Industries for ‘best label’ and the always lovely and tireless Katie Degroote for “best bartender” (she runs the bar next door to the metro where my band gets drunk. She puts up with Cub fans and she even gave Chris [and me!] jobs. Generally, she’s an overall wonderful human, everyone.)

The dickpunch this year is that you have to vote for ‘best Chicagoan to follow on Twitter’ ON Twitter this year. This means, if you want to vote for me, you have to put my handle (@badsandwich) in a tweet with the hashtag #boctwitterer (yes, that’s BOC [for best of Chicago] twitterER). It’s a pain in the ass, for sure, but what happened was this:

Last year, because you guys are so awesome, I beat Roger Ebert in this category, which was awesome, and really a victory for the little guy (he was alive then, please recall). The Reader has never changed any of their ‘best of’ rules before, so the only explanation is that they didn’t like me beating out Ebert. And, well, with him being so dead now…you get the idea. The point is, they’re changing shit up with the obvious intention of usurping me, and if we let this injustice stand, well, the terrorists win, man.

Anyway, if you’ve got nothing but time on your hands and you want to vote for other good stuff, Jen Trok is a great tattooist and Ground Control is the new vegetarian spot opened by Dan Hannaway (from Slapstick, the Broadways, the Honor System and Ratisucia fame) and his wife Carrie and it’s GREAT. You should probably vote for it as well. They just had a new baby (Olive!) so they could ACTUALLY probably even use the boost more than me, if I’m being brutally honest in the assessment of my shamelessness and capacity for begging.

Anyway, please vote early and often. Thanks so much! You guys are the best. If you guys vote, I promise to keep blogging and tweeting out jokes about dongs until mine is old and grey.

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6 Responses to It’s Voting Season, yo!

  1. the dollar drafts says:

    I wonder if little Olive will ever see a horizon untouched by billboards and shopping malls.


  2. kanthackit says:

    &I wonder if olive will ever see brendans gray bush dong feathers? That’ll teach u 2 wonder fuckstick!

  3. peter says:

    i might be blind, but as best i can tell there’s no link to the poll in this post? i’m trying to find it right now and can only find 2012. i may just be stupid.

    on a totally unrelated note – how do you feel about people getting the lawrence arms logo tattooed?

  4. dustyfloors says:

    Voted… I have to say though, there were a million subjects that in no way, now or will ever, apply to me. Am I boring, old or uncultured? All three?
    I could vote on most food/drink things though… Fat slob.

  5. Sirus says:


    speaking of voting, care to comment on the lyrics of the pope of chilli-town in light of the tanks and guns and shit we saw in boston recently.


  6. Amanda says:

    Done. I also voted for you and Toby as best power couple.

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