Lawrence Arms Australian Dates!!!!

Man alive. I’m excited. We’re going to Australia tomorrow and I can’t wait. For those of you who don’t know, I’m in a band called the Lawrence Arms and every once in a blue moon, we seek out a paradise and travel there in order to serenade the natives with our unique brand of dick jokes set to out of tune chords. This time, we’re headed down under with a festival called Soundwave. It’s a big, humongous thing. The headliners are Metallica and Blink 182 and Slayer and the Offspring. We are playing on a main stage, but we’re also playing at noon. SO, if you live in Australia, wake up early or, even better idea, stay up all night so you can catch our set first thing in the morning when the pre-dawn kangaroos are still skipping through the morning dew and Lars from Metallica is just beginning to drift into a drug addled dream or two. Some things that I think would be funny to say on stage while in Australia include “Hey, you guys are great. We love your boy Arnold Schwarzeneggar so much back home we made him a mayor” and “Sorry about that guy with no legs killing his girlfriend. I know he was real important to the national identity and everything. Don’t worry. We don’t judge all of you just based on his actions.” See why those are funny? No? Well, whatever. I think American global ignorance and Australian obscurity collide at a rich mine for yucks, but what do I know? Anyway, here are the dates:

Saturday 23rd Soundwave Festival Brisbane RNA Showgrounds
Sunday 24th Soundwave Festival Sydney Olympic Park
Tuesday 26th Show Brisbane The Tivoli W FLOGGING MOLLY and LUCERO
Wednesday 27th Show Melbourne The Palace W FLOGGING MOLLY and LUCERO
Friday 1st Soundwave Festival Melbourne Flemington Racecourse
Saturday 2nd Soundwave Festival Adelaide Bonython Park
Monday 4th Soundwave Festival Perth Claremont Showgrounds

Some of you guys have hit us up about doing other small shows on our days off, but that ain’t happening due to reasons too boring to go into here. We’re down to hang out tho, so get at us if you live anywhere where we’re going (and you’re not a creepy weirdo). Or just come to the shows. Let’s get a beer or something.
Can’t wait! See you soon.

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16 Responses to Lawrence Arms Australian Dates!!!!

  1. KKKanada's Most Wanted says:

    ‘reasons too boring to go into here’ = no one offering to book a side show could provide Neil with the blowjob robot he demands in every show rider

  2. Virgil smith says:

    I will shout you a beer in Brisbane.

  3. Luke says:

    Hey, I live in Melbourne and I’m not a creepy weirdo. Not much, anyway.

  4. tootz mcpinchaninch says:

    Cmon dawg all your Aussie fans are creepy weirdos. Any of your foreign fans, really lmao

  5. tootz mcpinchaninch says:

    Snooki obv. You’re bein ridic! I mean she’s gross as all get out but I’d be down drunk, like the rest of you. A more legit candidate for the “or food” proposal would be K-Stew, who no straight male on the planet actually finds attractive, or 3 yr old box of grape nuts

  6. Nick says:

    Look, I’ll come see you jerks play with Lucero at the Tivoli, but I’m not buying you no fucking beers. I have a very limited beer allowance and I need it all if I’m going to listen to you clowns. However, I will totally raid Flogging Molly’s rider with you.

  7. Sandro says:

    “Australia’s a piece of shit floating in the Pacific, buoyed by the blood of the Aborigine.”

    -Everything I Wanted to Know About Genocide I Learned in the Third Grade by The Broadways

    Sorry, every time I hear about this tour, I remember this line. Anyway, have fun out there! Try not to die to any giant poisonous things.

  8. murph says:

    Damn TLA and Lucero! I’d love to see that.

  9. Katypie says:

    Firstly … Dear Brendan Kelly, I’ve been meaning to write to you these last few years, see you’re a bit of a fan of my dear present husband.

    Secondly, are you really taking a shit in that video?

    Thirdly, when are you coming to NZ, seriously why Australia why?!!!!!!!!
    My wife is jealous of you btw

  10. Damo says:

    Hey Brendan, I am “Katypie”‘s husband. Wine can be a dangerous thing, especially NZ wine. I have been a huge fan of the Larry Arms and friggin’ love falcon and the wandering birds…but mate, I know we are a blip (NZ) but you have a huge following over here…to see the Larry Arms live is on my bucket list. I won’t be able to catch you in Oz but one day, somewhere…regardless, thank you for the music…it has, and does, mean a lot to/for me…fuck, it keeps me sane in rush hour traffic!
    Later mate and enjoy Oz…can’t wait for the new Larry Arms release!

  11. Wazza says:

    Fuck yeah it’s Sunday.

  12. wingdangdingalingdownyathroat says:

    Best Taylor Negron role; Julio in Easy Money or the mailman in Better of Dead?

    • peanut gallery/" " salary says:

      Why I’d have to say neither – ‘The Plague’ from Hackers! Oh goodness thats Fisher Stevens huh. An entirely different loser

  13. Wazza says:

    Sunday Seshin write something new please

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