TLA updates for dem assessssss

Man, I’m tired. Yesterday I woke up hungover and limped around and did some work and hung out with my kids until my wife wonderfully and miraculously scooped them up and took them to Chuck E Cheese (my kids both call that shit Chubby Cheese, which is pretty goddamned adorable). At that point I was free to stare, dead eyed into my computer and do a little bit of research for my job. It was a total gas.
Things got really exciting when I went to Target and bought paper towels. Then I tried to get shoes but (get this!) I didn’t like any of the shoes at the shoe store. Man, whooo Nellie. It was quite a day.
OH, I almost forgot…last night I met up with Chris McCaughan and Neil Hennessy and we laid down some shit that will become the blueprint for the sixth full length studio album by us, known collectively and sometimes as the Lawrence Arms. Here’s how it all went down: A couple of months ago, right around Thanksgiving, Chris came to town for our recent metro show and while he was here, we did 5 demos of new songs. The demos themselves were not that good. The songs were good, but we were sloppy and my voice sounded like complete dogshit. However, the demos were incredibly inspiring, in that they were good enough to clearly map out how the Lawrence Arms suddenly were gonna sound on this new record (sloppy and and overlayed with my shitty voice), which was a pretty exciting thing to figure out.
Chris came back to town on Friday, and we got together Friday night and drank ourselves into a stupor the likes of which I still haven’t recovered from. Saturday, we cruised into our practice space and, armed with more songs and a vastly better idea of how everything was gonna go, laid down a bunch of tracks. Some were re-recordings of the original 5 demos and some were new songs. Last night we went in and did a bunch more. Today, around 130, I’ll head back over there and we’ll throw down the last 2. That will be a total of eleven demoed tracks. That’s an album. Shit’s done writ (as they say).
Pretty rad. I gotta say, this record is gonna be cool. It’s gonna be different as shit from our last one. I can’t offer you too much in the way of details, because, well, we have been told by our overlords to tease this information out as slowly as possible in order to maximize everyone’s slavering excitement to illegally download it, listen to it once and then dismiss it as ‘not nearly as good as the old shit’ but here’s what I CAN tell you:
There are eleven songs, but one will most likely be left off and used for other nefarious purposes (like a comp or a split or something). Chris has written 4 songs and the other 7 are mine. There are no shredding guitar solos, nor is there any slap bass. The fastest song on the record (I think) is written by Chris and the longest song on the record is written by me. Some of the working titles of the songs are stupid things like “paradise shitty’ and “Supernatural House Hunters” both of which will probably actually end up being the real titles, because I don’t know when to let a joke go. But the truth is, I’m pretty stoked about these songs. It’s cool just to hear this band again. You guys have all been incredibly patient and cool and I’m pretty excited about the fact that we still have fans (I think even more fans, somehow) than we did when we put out our last album, which was 7 years ago. That’s CRAAAAAAAAZY.
Thanks for your patience. When we get back from Australia, we’re gonna figure out how to get into the studio and hammer these fuckers out proper like ASAP. Then fuck, who knows what the future holds? I’m gonna try to buy a hot tub and fill it completely with strawberry cocaine and bleached assholes. I think that sounds like a good way to celebrate.
Okay, I’ll let you know how it goes. Follow me on twitter (@badsandwich) or instagram (dr_beexo) for updates today. I think it’s gonna be good. Eh…we’re all having a blast, and I think that comes across. Whatever. See ya. Oh, right. I almost forgot: I want to call the album The King of Quiznos, but I’m guessing nobody else on earth thinks that’s a good idea. Everyone lacks vision.

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15 Responses to TLA updates for dem assessssss

  1. chim says:

    skimmed through that but i hope this mean US Larry arms tour! boners for everyone!

  2. Tone says:

    Stoked! Hopefully you guys can make your way to Providence or Boston in the near future. Can’t wait to hear the new shit.

  3. KKKanada's Most Wanted says:

    Who are the Lawrence Arms? I come here for anecdotes about dogs with people names.

  4. SARO says:

    Awesome. I’m really curious as to how your guys’ keeps progressing. It’d be Cool to know what music you 3 were listening to around the time you wrote the songs.

  5. ya know, it’s worth mentioning that this isn’t like, the 11 songs we’ve been slowly slaving away on for the past 7 years. We wrote all these songs in the time since the Wandering Birds record and the completion of the new Sundowner record. This isn’t overthought or anything. it’s a regular record written in a regular amount of time. I don’t know if that’s at all relevant in any way, but yeah…that’s what’s up.

  6. gbajosh says:

    Stoked dude…see u in a few weeks for the wandering birds…and wherever TLA ends up man….anxiously awaiting more love in Portland brotha!!!

  7. Ian says:

    Awesome! Although its probably unpredictable as hell at this point, I really hope you guys tour to san diego. Cant wait to hear the new larry arms!

  8. dustyfloors says:

    I have a huge boner and not just for the strawberry cocaine and bleached assholes.

  9. candice says:

    =D !!!!!

  10. Greg says:

    If you name that shit King Of Quiznos, I promise to but four copies. Plus it could be abbreviated as KOQ, which seems like a fancy French spelling of cock.

  11. Greg says:

    You know, or buy four copies. Fuckin’ fat fingers and lack of proof reading laziness.

  12. tommy says:

    Hell yeah! You guys have tons of fans who are eagerly awaiting this new release. It seems as time has passed, I have become an even bigger TLA fan….especially as I’ve grown up and gotten to understand the lyrics.

    You probably don’t remember this (and nearly do we) but you guys were a part of one of my best memories from that whole “travel abroad” deal people do. We went to one of your shows in middle-of-nowhere Spain (circa 2005, opening for Millencolin), got to the show at around 9AM in of the smallest towns I’ve ever been in.

    We drank a lot of shitty Spanish beer and eagerly awaited the show. We managed to get backstage, which was as easy as walking up the stairs on the right side of the stage, where you guys were like “WTF are these dudes?” and then we hung out for a bunch after the show (as in, hit on unforeseeing spanish chicks). We somehow managed to convince you all, and your crazy tour driver, that we deserved a ride on your way to the next show (France, I believe). We may or may not have had to inhale a bunch of illegal shit in fear of seeing some police sirens on our ride. All I remember were some hilarious stories. You dropped off us in the middle of a highway and that was that — a classic memory.

    I was never able to truly thank you for that ride, and if not for that, we would have been stuck there for another day.

    Viva TLA!

  13. Whimper says:

    D: No fair, I wanna celebrate! (minus the bleached assholes, LOL!) Cant wait to listen to it, im sure it’ll b fab.

  14. BigMike says:

    I’m at stupid work and I had lovelust visions of bleached assholes and strawberry cocaine. Both made their ways to my mouth at some point.

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