Thanks Kids!

Well, big weekend, right. I mean, Liz and Dick premiered and we played a show at the Metro. You guys came out and the whole thing was a completely awesome experience front to back. Also, Chris Brown quit Twitter in frustration after the mighty Jenny Johnson (hi five!) mocked his shittiness. That was cool. Overall, I’d say cool couple of days. I saw my friends Tony, Leslie, Sean and Paul who I never, ever get to see and some of my kids’ friends’ parents came out to watch me point into crowds of people and yell things while wearing a bass. That was a nice slice of weird worlds colliding.

I don’t really have much to say today. I’m a little sleepy and I’m pretty happy that the show was so much fun. Tonight Chris (Sundowner) plays at in the back room of the Gman along with Tim from Elway, and I’ll be slinging drinks for at least a portion of the evening. I’d love to see you guys.

Overall, cool times. Much love.


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  1. Gabriel Neiva says:

    Yo, B.K (or somebody).
    I am a big fan of Larry Arms that hails from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and I would like to know the setlist from the last show.
    Any chances of that happening?
    By the way, are you guys ever comin to South America?

  2. Chip Delam says:

    Saturday night was alot of fun, Thanks!

  3. p.u.n.x. says:

    some nerd in front of me was taking notes on his iphone so there’s definitely a set list out there somewhere. here’s my recap: too many dorks at the show dancing with their girlfriends and spilling my beer, and also not enough apathy or exhaustion. overall, however, really fun show. it’s always a treat to see those dudes.

  4. QueenBee says:

    Would’ve loved to have been there. Any of your coworkers make it out to watch you point into a crowd and yell things while wearing a bass? That’d’ve been weird.

  5. Cheryl says:

    Hey man,
    My boyfriend Rich and I got to meet you at Hiro’s benefit last week (we were the Bahraini teachers), and saw you guys play on Saturday, too. Awesome shows, both nights! So, so nice to talk to you, and I hope to see you play again soon!
    Oh, also loved the Bahrain shout out in your recent tweet, haha.

  6. Ryan says:

    Ahh BK. You’re always a pleasure to see live. Saw you in Buffalo, NY in 2004 and bought a Larry Arms T that, to this day I still own. Perhaps you’ll venture out to Vegas so we can thrown down a few and check out the downtown tourist scene. Because here, the visor hats are all the rage.



  7. sam says:

    Man, that show made my entire month. You guys are the best. Chicago is the best. Best!

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