Quick update featuring love of Canada.

Hey, yall. Toronto was excellent. Some highlights included watching women swarm Eric Melvin like he was a bag of shit-smeared garbage in the middle of a raccoon colony late on Saturday night, or hanging out with the Lawrence Arms dudes in the back of a really cool bar on Monday morning where the bartender decided that we just didn’t need to pay for any drinks (Canadian hospitality!), and of course playing two really, really fun shows. The first one was my birthday party show at a small club (that was where Melvin barely escaped with his wang) and the second one was the full band playing on a giant outdoor stage located in a national historic monument that had been completely festooned in things that said Jagermeister.

There were dark moments as well. My hotel room smelled like there was someone in it actively smoking and it looked like that same person had blasted loads all over everything, if jizz burned things. That was the worst part. Everything else was really fun and easy. We even took a boat to the airport.

The thing is, though, that this weekend I’m about to play shows with my old highschool band (we were called Slapstick) and a solo show with the Alkaline Trio. The shit’s gonna be fun, but as of right now I’m a little braindead from the Toronto trip and I’m WAY behind on getting all my shit done, so I apologize for the lack of blogging right now. I promise to get this shit up, running and dick-jokier than ever asap.

It does bear mentioning that I am also undertaking a new web endeavor very soon that will be very, very exciting. For now, you can follow the Static Age Daily Twitter account and wait for details.

Okay, love y’all. Thanks Toronto! See you this weekend, Ska fans (oh jesus…)



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19 Responses to Quick update featuring love of Canada.

  1. Alex Eich says:

    Grew up listening to you guys (from Crystal Lake) and fucking stoked to see you guys at Riot.

  2. Candice says:

    you’re welcome for the hotel recommendation.

  3. car painter says:

    Next years summer of ska. Reel big fish, goldfinger, and slapstick. Just kidding i still love slapstick.

  4. dustyfloors says:

    Wish I could make Riot Fest. Damn.

  5. QueenBee says:

    As if you didn’t even mention that super-cute girl who wanted to hear Dance of the Doomed. (And who’s pretty stoked that you ended up playing it.)
    Toronto fucking loves BK, you guys. He’s not mentioning that he was surrounded by an impenetrable wall of ladies the whole time he sat at the bar on Saturday night. I didn’t even see Melvin, but I’d have let the other girls have him. White-boy dreads just don’t do it for me.
    Anyway, you totally killed at the Bovine (whose full name is the Bovine Sex Club, which coincidentally shares the initials BSC), but Sunday fucking rocked. I’m pretty sure all the girls in the crowd had to change their panties after TLA’s set (or maybe that was just me). Regardless, you’ve gotta come back to the T-Dot once the new album is out. You can sleep on my couch if you want; it doesn’t smell like smoke and no one’s acid-jizzed all over it. Sucks that your hotel room was gross.

  6. dr love dick says:

    thanks for doing that profiteers vid. so stoked for new lawrence arms album.

    • QueenBee says:

      Totally. I have video of BK playing it on his birthday at the Bovine but in the Exclaim vid there aren’t any fawning Philadelphians exclaiming about wanting to suck him off, so I can actually discern some of the lyrics. Also, that smile. Amirite, ladies? I’d probably do just about anything for that smile.

  7. Willy says:

    i’ve bought so many lotto tickets to try and win so i can pay for the lawrence arms to play at my birthday party. netherland the less, i won an indiffrent prize. my sanktum in worth. shit guyss. “give me a chance to shit and ill sit allover on it”. aka im incredibly looking for some form of entertanment woot woot, ill be the a hole that says this dude knows what socks to wear with what suit and seriously, unforgettably, unitelliguble, awsome.. Im Matt Sockward everybody, thank you.

  8. Willy says:

    also, on a side knote. we should pool all our money together and start a gang. cuz i aint that good at spelling. alas, im good at shit bbut i can farm well in times of draft.

  9. poosey says:

    Willy, you are a very funny person. In my whole 24 yrs as a human, I’ve encountered 2x people like yourself. Are you a troll? HAHHAH only kidding you’re better than that. You are a Ball Sack First Hair. Yep, I very cruel trick on humanity. WELL FUCKEN DONE. you’re english is terrible and I wish you all the best with you’re endeavors. Alas, keep working out, keep doing the beep test, keep doing the sit up/push up routine. One day you might win the lotto and that day you will be like “OMG fuck these interviews fuck these asshollios and fuck shaving”, cuz the day it happens you will need to be yourself and be yourself and also be yourself. goodluck with everything.

    kind regards,

    your dad.

  10. crazy barry says:

    need an ASSistant, Toby? you know when you come to Australia for Soundwave tour featuring the Lawrence Arms? Well, ill be the guy you’re after. I can clean and also maintain suits. unless that is you vomit on said suit, in that case i previde the knowlegde of machine washable suits. theyre easy/cheap to maintain. anyway, enough with the hyginks, give me a call, or hey message me. I’ll be your dog… seriously but a job would be cool, ive got a few preferences but they re so far away from punk rock it sucks to even talk about them. man im getting old and im only 23.

  11. crazy barry alright says:

    you’re… butt seriously has know one ever sat in their chair, whilst the sun is shining and did that thing with their foot. you know to make their leg bounce??? i got both going not 3 minutes ago and boy o boy it was awesome. legs rockin to the beat in time to the lawrence arms. who wouldlvve thought

  12. poosey says:

    Dudes… this shadow is getting close and you know i only drink during the day, so im burning the worm.

  13. poosey says:

    “the sun’s taken my feet, its moving up to my legs. Im moving closer to the fence. im nothing but a silhouette now. the suns gone and im trebbling on. and on. mother fuckl;ers i cant wait till dawn.

  14. poosey says:

    What do you thinK? thats my take on drinking after work in the backyard. It’s awesome till the sun disappears, dudes.

  15. poosey says:

    ok im going out, now. i just wanna say fuck off with any bad comment you’re guys might say, im cooll. and you are cool. we’re all cool in a way. I LOVe Y oU. 🙂

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