Huh. What to write about today, huh? Just another boring Wednesday. If only there was some highly-sensational, hot button issue that I could tackle here. Perhaps one that involved friends of mine or subcultures that I grew up in…you know: anything that I could exploit to hopefully prick up the ears of various news outlets and bring traffic over here (all for my own glory and personal gain). You know, like I did with that Patrick Stump thing or that Brian Fallon thing or even, if you think waaaaaaaaaay back, with that uh, who was it? Oh, right, Against Me! Any of you guys been around that long? Nah. Well, anyway, quick history lesson: I wrote that thing a long time ago about how I thought AM! were great and how even if their band completely changed to better suit the people that they’d become over the course of growing up, they were still awesome and I loved and backed them 100% since all they were doing was what they wanted/needed to do in order to make Against Me! the healthiest, happiest and most all-around successful band it could be. I got a lot of shit for that post. Do you guys remember that? Anyway, where was I? I dunno. I just wish there was something really volatile going on that I could leech onto so I could get me some of that sweet, sweet paper.

If only. That would be awesome.

And now, apropos of nothing, here’s a link you guys should check out. Pretty cool stuff.

xoxoxoxoxoxo (ha!)

Edit: I’m being told the link doesn’t work, but it’s working just fine for me. Uh…I don’t know what else to do. I guess, here’s another link to something very similar.

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  1. jake says:

    I remember that post! It was actually the first bad sandwich chronicle I read. Anyway, good for Tom/Laura and I hope this makes her happy. I have to say given your past statements about both your love for AM! and discomfort with the whole trans thing, I was interested to read your take on it. You’re a class act Mr. Kelly. Also, your link don’t work.

    • AndyNJ says:

      I was really curious as to what he had to say about it too. I mean, I know he’d be pretty positive for Tom/Laura, but I was still interested in exactly what his thoughts were.

  2. candice says:

    i still get emails regarding that post saying someone commented about how i should buy this really great property in dubai.

  3. jake says:

    The first link didn’t work cause I am on my phone. I am an asshat. 2nd one worked though, thanks.

  4. bart says:

    The first link works fine on a desktop, but isn’t made available for mobile devices…

  5. Neil says:

    Nice one.

  6. Kevin says:

    Being a huge fan of Against Me!, your endeavors and the rest of the fine folks in your music community I am really looking forward to what you actually have to say on the matter..

  7. i read an article from Spin today regarding the whole Tom Gabel thing, and there was a link to an interview you did with him on JBTV. They credited you as “interviewer” in the article.

  8. car painter says:

    When I first heard about Tom, all I could think about is I can’t wait to read bsc. Please don’t hammer me for this. This is a question iv been wondering about I mean no disrespect at all just curious. The article says he/she plans to stay married. Well if he feels like a woman shouldn’t he want to be with a man. It just seems weird that someone would change to a woman to be a lesbian. I love Tom and I don’t know if I worded this respectfully. I just want a better understanding. Mostly I’m sad for him. That’s a lot to live with.

    • car painter says:

      Nevermind, I’m an asshole. It’s none of my beezwax. No matter how interesting it is to me.

      • Dont Worry says:

        This is a thought a lot of people have, but are afraid to share because it might come off as ignorant. Well, it is ignorant, but not in a mean hateful way. Asking questions in order to get a better understanding should not be frowned upon. It’s how we grow and learn to accept things that are different and foreign to us, such as everything that has come to light in the past 24 hours.

        …Just read the comment below this one. Wow. Car Painter was admitting ignorance and asking, in as respectful a way as possible, for some assistance, and you totally just shit all over it. Way to go. I hope you realize how much of a douche you are compared to the people you perceive to be the enemy.

        • Anonymous says:

          It’s kinda freaky how similar our thoughts were and that we posted them at the exact same time.

    • joe says:

      “It just seems weird that someone would change to a woman to be a lesbian.”

      I don’t think she’s doing this because she wants to be a lesbian. I think she’s doing this because she identifies herself as a woman. Maybe she’s liked guys the whole time but hid it, maybe not. Either way, that’s not what this is about. This is about gender identity, not sexual preference.

  9. db32987 says:

    > Well if he feels like a woman shouldn’t he want to be with a man.

    Oh lawd, shut the hell up and go back to bed. Anyone of any gender can love anyone of any gender they want. Your insinuation that they shouldn’t be allowed to is even stupider when one incorporates the additional factor of Tom/Laura and Heather having been together for ages already, presumably developing a relationship so strong that things like gender seem like trivialities in comparison.

    > It just seems weird that someone would change to a woman to be a lesbian.

    Tom wants to be Laura. Tom still loves Heather. What the fuck is hard to understand? If you think it’s “weird”, that’s just because you obviously don’t think in serious, adult terms about things such as personal identity and love. Sorry about that. Maybe you’ll get it one day.

    • car painter says:

      Wasn’t trying to insinuate. Just trying to understand the psych. Again I’m sorry.

    • Anonymous says:

      You probably could have just tried to explain. Car painter came off as ignorant of the subject but genuinely just trying to understand rather than being judgemental.

      • db32987 says:

        All right, folks, my bad. For what it’s worth, I misread “shouldn’t he want to be with a man” as “he shouldn’t”—my mistake, but easy enough to make and somewhat explains my rashness, right? That and my assumption that most people /are/ assholes made me overly dismissive. Sorry, car p.

        Still, calm down, DW.

        • car painter says:

          This is a touchy subject. And I shouldn’t be trying to get info from a comment section, but dogs of war are a smart bunch. And their is no one in my real life who I can really discuss this with. Thanks.dw for understanding.

  10. How about this: People love who they love and they feel about their bodies how they feel, and those two things don’t have any effect on each other. For example, if you’re really, really fat and gay, and suddenly you become really slim, odds are 100% that you’re still gonna be gay. This is the same thing. Right now, Tom is not happy being Tom. He wants to be Laura. It won’t change his brain. In his brain, he’s already Laura (and he’s always BEEN Laura), who is a woman who fell in love with and still loves Heather. There’s no brain shift. The body is just catching up to how the brain has always wished the body could be. I don’t know. I don’t want to speak out of school. I’ve never experienced gender dysphoria firsthand and I’m not pretending to be an expert, but I do love my friends and I know that those kids are two of my favorite souls in the world. Good question though. Don’t ever be afraid to ask questions. That’s how you learn shit, man.

    • keith says:

      You’re absolutely right. People should feel free to do what makes them happy. Everyone should be absolutely respectful of Tom as he goes through this. The only issue that I have with this kind of thing is that one never fully transforms into the opposite gender, but they cease to be what they were and become something different altogether. It is not so simple as taking hormones, removing hair and changing your sex organs to become a woman and it would be a little disrespectful of women to think it was that easy. The rough part is if someone goes through this and still feels uncomfortable with their body. It is important to be sex positive and completely loving and tolerant of people who struggle with their gender identity. Tom becoming Laura might influence a lot of young dumb boys to be more tolerant. It may also inspire some young gay people struggling with their sexuality to be more comfortable with who they are. Ultimately this is potentially a very good thing, as long as people are understanding and kind and Tom, his family and (hopefully) his band come out on the other end without anyone getting hurt. It is really brave and it should be regarded as one of the ballsiest moves a famous musician has made.

      • keith says:

        Dan Savage always says that the best way to promote tolerance is to come out of the closet (whether you’re gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, etc.) because the people who know you will suddenly know that they know someone who is one of those things and it will be (often) more difficult for them to be prejudice and hateful. Having a musician with lots of fans come out like this can do a lot for tolerance. Hopefully there aren’t too many shithead fans saying nasty shit, but there will definitely be some of that.

  11. car painter says:

    Iv got a million Questions, anybody know a good place to find answers. It would be cool if someone set up a live chat discussion. Naturally tons of people are gonna want to know more on the subject.

  12. Glenn says:

    I think this is just another good opportunity to help more people open their eyes and ears who haven’t accepted these kinds of things yet. Laura made a big move for herself by sharing this kind of information with the public, but also for other people in the same boat. She’s not the first and not the last to go through this sort of thing, but possibly the most open. At least that I know of. I think she’s basically breaking down a big door here (whether it be intentional or not) to offer those who are too afraid some kind of relief of pressure, or setting a good example if nothing else.

  13. thats soooo craven!! says:

    as long as your not hurting anyone else.right?thats how these things are justified?rightly so.this is going to be needlessly confusing/potentially traumatic for their kid.he calls him dad n shit right bee?

  14. Buddy C says:

    Fuck me, I thought you were talking about Obama. Guess i’m losing touch. Between this and the Octomom porn story tweet (which sounds awesome), the cutting edge news has been sublime.

  15. Richard Down says:

    The people I grew up with are gone.

  16. Tim says:

    I’m speaking out of my ass, but I’m pretty sure you wrote this in the style that you did, with the wording that you did, to avoid this post being taken out of context and put on Punknews as an authoritative post on a subject.
    GODDAMN if it isn’t an “essay” on Laura Jane Grace on Punknews RIGHT NOW.

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