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Did y’all know that I’m putting out a split record with my good friend and fellow pervert Daniel Andriano in celebration of our upcoming European tour (dates here!)? It’s true. The record is called European Vacation and it’s one Dan Andriano in the Emergency Room song and one BK and the Wandering Birds song. Dan’s song is great, in line with his solo record and generally pretty righteous and my song is a full band rock song about doing Quaaludes and beating off, recorded when we recorded the Wandering Birds full length. Both songs are unavailable anywhere else and now you can preorder the 7 inch right here! For those of you who hate vinyl, the shit will eventually be available through digital outlets as well.

What else? Have you gone to the Chicago Reader poll and voted for for best blog of 2012 yet? If not, head over there please. These dick joke machines run on hubris and if we don’t win, they’re sure to break down. For a highly incomplete guide to voting, you can check out the below entry or click this link.

Finally, Montreal (and Pouzza fest) was awesome. Loved it, had so much fun. I dare say it made me, along with Chris and Neil, even more excited to get together and pump out this new Lawrence Arms record. Hugo Mudie is not just a snappy dresser and visionary accessorizer. He’s also a great festival pope.

Anything else? I dunno. I think I’m gonna interview the Punk Hulk over here soon, so look forward to that, because I ask the kinds of hard hitting questions that only a comic nerd turned punk rock asshole would dare come up with.

Other than that, shit’s been pretty dull. Sounds like there’s a baby getting tortured downstairs or something. It’s been crying for about five minutes and, while I’m no expert on babies, I do know that being right next to a crying baby for five minutes is annoying as shit, so I gotta wonder at the methodology of those caregivers down there.  Do you have no ears?

Anyway, last night I had a dream that some big name Hollywood types got in touch with me because they loved my acting and my directing reels, and they told me that I really could make it in ‘the business’ if I started hanging around at the right bars. The bars I hang out at now, according to the major players of my dreams, totally are not kingmakers.

SO, with that in mind, I’m gonna put on a baby  bjorn and head down to Excalibur tonight for a few success-tinis. Anyone care to join me? First round of Jager bombs is on me.

Sigh. I’m gonna go do pushups or something. See you turds later.

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6 Responses to Clerical shit. Ads, mindless rambling and a tiny overview of what’s on the horizon

  1. Dr. Peter Venkman says:

    To whom it may concern,

    If grades were allocated to folk even after high school, Brendan would get an A+.

    Kind Regards,

    Dr. Peter Venkman

  2. Sssshhhhh! says:

    Um-Brendan should also be voted in the poll for the sexyist baby bjorn model ever. Is there anything the guy cant do well? -DUH-

  3. nerd says:

    No visit to Ireland?? That ain’t no European vacation!!

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