A Video Update/a short movie for the weekend

This is a little something Nick and I have been working on. It’s kind of a small companion to the new Wandering Birds  record. The title of this is either “The Spirit Of Transparency” or “the Betrothed” depending on if you trust the top of the Vimeo page or the title in the actual video. Whatever. We can’t be expected to synchronize every little thing. Enjoy, fuckers.
[vimeo 38204456]
And here is a link to the vimeo page if you want to send it around or anything.

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20 Responses to A Video Update/a short movie for the weekend

  1. SONiCDiSASTER says:


  2. Anonymous Internet douche says:

    That’s actually awesome!

  3. Rage says:

    You bear an uncanny resemblance to “Nick” from New Girl.

  4. kanthackit says:

    i knew the T.P. in the first frame wasnt just a random coincidence.

  5. db says:

    Did Brendan get a hair transplant?

  6. The Long Goodbye says:

    Ok that was way, WAY better than the therapist thing. Great delivery, etc “Not baaaad for a dentist eh”?
    Also I see how this Katie Powers could potentially be one of these rare-as-hens-teeth funny gals you speak of. May have to do a little web stalkin, etc – see what the dilly is

  7. The Long Goodbye says:

    Also the little mannerism following “it’ll be here in time for the wedding” gold. Yeah Beex written all over it

  8. Beex, that was great! Fully legit…a big step up from the counselor for sure.

  9. the best thing i’ve seen in a long time

  10. Kelly says:

    “yard shitting terrorist” classic.

  11. The Jets says:

    Oh man, that’s comedic gold…

  12. AJ says:

    that was really good. I love the attempt to grab the falling ice cream

  13. Terry $ says:

    Wow this is pretty amazing! You should keep doin em! It’s like if Portlandia was funny

  14. “liiisssen,I get these aspirins and I suck off the brand names n pose as a reaaaal”.Did you write this thing with a highly intelligent,300 pound 8th grader?

  15. james says:

    toilet paper front and center.

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