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Okay, so for those of you who have the new EP from my new band (Brendan Kelly and the Wandering Birds [download available here]), I’ve put the lyrics below so you can sing along/scoff at my childish stupidity and/or feeble attempt at being a lyricist. I pasted these from a word document, so that’s why the formatting is all fucked up. I don’t know how to do a hard return and have it not translate to being double spaced here in wordpress. Once again, I’m an idiot. On another note, thanks for listening. Happy reading along!


1. A Man With the Passion Of Tennessee Williams

Well I came and I saw, and I saw that I came

And I didn’t really conquer, but I didn’t really play.

I’m inflamed and they named me most likely to be lazy.

Well, I think they did, I stopped listening after they nominated me.

And nothing’s gonna stop me now.

That’s because I’m sitting still.

And I ain’t leaving til I get my fill.

I’m hot for the teacher and the rhetoric

I’m hot for the well spoken mechanic

I’m hot like the gritty desert sand, man.

I’m hot like Hawaiian Tropic tans, man.

I’m gonna say something no one’s ever said before.

I’ll figure out what it is in just a minute.

Pay no attention to the tattered, bloody curtain

You can be anything at all.

Pay no attention to the man behind the tattered, bloody curtain.

He looks like he took a pretty bad fall.

And trying is the quickest way to fail.

And failing is the quickest way to lose your motivation

And that’s why I’m stationed at this station

A sublime subgenius submerged in sublimation.

Baby let me think for a minute more.

Just let me think for a minute.

Now if we just knew how to get it.



2. I’d Rather Die Than Live Forever

I’d rather die

Than live forever

I’d rather never show my hand

and hide in wild depravation.

But this shit ain’t that.

These aren’t the times, this isn’t my night

These are just crimes and reckless homicides

Duct tape and ether rags, burning at midnight

We’re just trying to get away from what we started

From all the sirens, flames and stinking carnage

So then I’m gonna see my lady then I’m gonna go back home

And I’d say I’ll see you maybe soon but baby no I won’t

And I know I don’t deserve this so don’t fucking tell me so

I stopped listening long ago

I ain’t the boy you think you know

Do you wanna see a picture of what’s underneath these pants?

Do you wanna hear a dream that I pretend I don’t have?
Do you wanna stay asleep while the kids outside get wild

or lick the demon smile?

Do you want to get some gasoline and huff and burn and laugh?

Do you want to burn a flaming pentagram into the grass?

I used to want it now I just want to want it back. But this shit isn’t that.

Somebody’s comin.

Somebody’s comin.

Let’s get to runnin.


3. Suffer the Children, Come Unto Me

What’s a pretty little thing like you doin in this dingy old back room?

I got some candy, a piece for every bruise.

Grab it if it’s handy. Any cock’ll do.

Now dance to the beat of the slow, slow turn of the world as it weeps in this slow, slow burn.

And the shoes on your feet ain’t set to return.

I’m the one who’s walking out alone.

You won’t need those sandals where you’re going.

Cuz honey, you ain’t ever goin home.

And the last sounds that you’ll ever know are the vultures crying.

And soon they’ll be picking at your bones.

I caught you in the bathroom in a real wide stance.

I caught you down by the lagoon with my hands down your pants

On an old dirty mattress with stains and yellow scarves

I start out watching then I get so hard.

And you won’t need that mattress where you’re going.

And I’m the one who’s walking out alone.

And mister, you ain’t ever going home.

And the last sound that you’ll ever know is my bonesaw grinding.

Soon I’ll be chipping at your bones.

Every single plan I make has been informed by these sour grapes.

I’ve got one last death to fake before I settle down

On the last burning block of the last burning town

Where the devil and behemoth have been hanging around

And I don’t miss that old crowd.

So goddamned lazy and loud.

And the last sound that I’ll ever know is my heart exploding.

Soon I’ll be nothing but these bones.

I don’t need this bullshit where I’m going.

And I don’t think I’m ever going home.

And I’m the one who’s walking out alone

So bitch, quit your fucking crying.

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30 Responses to Lyric Sheet

  1. candice says:

    if i got caught singing along to that last song i’d surely get fired

  2. JSIN says:

    Sing it loud and proud Candice!

  3. Tim says:

    I honestly don’t even know yet. I need to listen to this at least ten more times.

  4. Little Grumbles McFaggot says:

    These are lyrics huh? “Shut the fuck up and go get a life, internet!”

  5. acd says:

    Well, I feel like if I say I liked it, baby jesus will cry (not that this is holding me back, just something that would happen). I’m on the fence. But this is just a comment from a no-talent-ass-clown who’s already given Amazon $2.97 and therefore you 3¢. So, congrats I guess. But know it’s no Sido.

  6. +JRB says:

    Loving the new jams.
    Ill be visiting the chicago area the of beginning of february for a friend and I’s bday celebration. Ive checked on your site, didn’t see much around that time but i was curious as to if you would be doing any impromptu shows? Maybe chris? or that faggy trio? ahahaha I kid!
    If not all is well! Ill just suffice with getting hammered in some corner bar slow jammin to the jukebox.
    Thanks bk!
    hugs and drugs from fucktown, USA

  7. drexel says:

    Just got the ep. Trying to love the first song, allready love the rest. 3rd song is incredible.

  8. drexel says:

    ok the first song is pretty rad too.

  9. kanthackit says:

    The first song kinda reminds me of Maynard from TOOL’s side band Pucifer but in a BK style. Like alot. Wat do ya think?

  10. Michael says:

    “The sale of MP3 Downloads is currently available only to US customers located in the United States.”

    Fucking Amazon. Anywhere else we can get this? besides Itunes, i don’t wanna install itunes.

  11. chupacabrando says:

    you know, i’m loving all of these songs when i listen to them individually, but i’m having trouble listening to this thing through front to back. yeah, we’re talking about ten minutes here. is this what singles are like?

  12. chupacabrando says:

    ok it’s just between the first and second song.

  13. Neil says:

    I don’t know if you are using Windows or Mac, but if you have Windows you might try copy and pasting it first into Notepad and then copy/paste from there onto this. I don’t know how to do it on a Mac.

  14. Massimo says:

    why don’t you make a page on bandcamp or something alike for those who doesn’t have itunes/live outside the US and cannot buy mp3s from amazon?

  15. Robb: Proud recent recipient of "#1 youtube insult six years running" says:

    When’s the CD come out? Fuck this lossy mp3 bullshit. Vinyl can take a leap as well. “Go get a life, vinyl!”

  16. Robb: Proud recent recipient of "#1 youtube insult six years running" says:

    Oh ya already covered that, last post. Guess I was just overwhelmed by the staggering genius of these lyrics n whatnot. Shhh, nah, now. Shhh. Resist the urge, anonymous micropenis

  17. I finally listened to these. “…Tennessee Williams,” sounds like a dream that starts out inside a indie movie where the protagonist kills people and tortures his own balls with can openers that instantly switches to a dream backstage at a The Falcon show at a chic night club that you can hardly hear no matter how hard you try. Regardless, Caeser would be creaming his toga. Good stuff.

  18. kanthackit says:

    has Brendan been hangin out with Trent Reznor or what? The guitar lead in the Tennessee Williams song almost has that kinda badass Michael Jackson feel to it.

  19. Queef Latina says:


  20. Hi Brendan Kelly you Irish Motherfucker. Happy New Year and let’s all go listen to Dillinger Four. And if Mikey Erg can see this I’m sorry I thought you were in the Dopamines at that Albany show it’s all been figured out little guy.

  21. also the wandering birds rule.

  22. "Hey" says:

    hey now. just, hey, just. look, hey, just, hey. Hey just, hey now. Look just, hey now. hey now, just, go light on the ice, hey. just, hey now, just. just. justin. hey. just, hey.

  23. Here's a question says:

    …What’s with all the goons on punknews comparing the title track to Marilyn Manson? “It reminds meEeeee of Widespread Panic!” Fucking idiots.

  24. does an adult women every really look more fulfilled than when shes eating potato chips?ya know,neck craned,calmly munchin,holding the next (completely intact) chip in front of her face like a fucking compact mirror

  25. hehe meant ever.sry kanchakit!

  26. dave hause has the countenance of a moderately successful 90s shock comic.oh,its pronounced like pause or cause?shut the fuck up dave hause

  27. Queef Latina says:

    lulz~! Well I mean yea Rosie, ya should’ve figured on that one

  28. Queef Latina says:

    …ooops! Apparently she was only turned away cuz of her rowdy entourage, despite that Diddy himself had invited her. Well that’s fucking disappointing

  29. Pimpbrokeepingitsexy69 says:

    A sublime subgenius submerged in sublimation.
    ever heard of the alkaline trio?
    A LONELY LIVER, SUSPENDED IN LIQUIDDDDDDDDDDD.  cool shit though fam, keep up and stay grinding

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