beex doin the gaga!!!!

gaga Hey dicks! Here’s a link to a very lame window into what me and my friends do when we’re bored. Love y’all! xoooxo The link is a cover by me, of gaga, completely bad. i know all about it so save your breath. xoxoxo

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16 Responses to beex doin the gaga!!!!

  1. Yea I'm trollin down Rodeo wid a shotgun says:


  2. that kid wrigley says:

    Please do more.

  3. Little Robb Hodgekins says:

    Boy howdy Beex, can you imagine the two of us squaring off in a classic “no holds barred” 80s cage match? I’m pretty sure I’d beat the fucking shit out of you.


    • Big Robb Hodgekins says:

      Bren you have to understand I get these odd craxings, such as to say “no holds barred”. I’ve scratched that itch now. I mean I’m no (laughing too much) caaaage fighter! Just horsin around! I didnt touch those boys!

  4. Joe says:

    must have subliminal messages because i cant stop listening to it…bastard

  5. Jordong says:

    fucking rad,

  6. FranklinStein says:

    I don’t just like it…I love it.

  7. kanthackit says:

    I think u should start a gaga cover band beex. Call yourselves Taking Back Cans On Sunday. What do ya think? I’d come see ya.

  8. Little Crofford-Gifford says:

    ‘Miyamme Spice’ is easily the best black porn actress name I’ve enountered. Ass is simply to die for. Hate to sound archaic/barbaric but you’re not a real man if you don’t go for some chocolate now and then. I don’t know what that cat above means by ‘red lobster pussy’ but it sure does sound funny and oddly accurate.

  9. Well I'll be goddamned says:

    Fat-faced John Hagee attended a small independent university in the heart of Texas on a football scholarship?? Color me astonished!!

  10. Just on a whim, huh? says:

    Yeah, you and your friends were just a-dickin’ around one afternoon and decided “fuck it!–Let’s do the GaGa!” You definitely weren’t meticulously planning this for months, or anything like that.

  11. Mi_73 says:

    I love it.

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