Don’t say I never gave you nothin’ 2010 edition

Our friend Ben Pier is famous for a few things: photography, good looks, a proclivity for the darker, more rear access zones to a woman’s interior and generally being a good dude who’s always worked with my band, the Lawrence Arms. He shot pretty much every photo we’ve ever put into a record. He shot the cover of Buttsweat and Tears and recently, while he was on tour with us on the east coast, he shot a video for Them Angels Been Talkin without us even knowing he was doing it. I think it’s pretty great. obviously, whatever you think of my ugly mug, it’s obvious that chris and Neil are very handsome and ben is extremely good at this shit. I’m going to visit family, so I’m not gonna be regularly updating this until the new year, so until then, here’s my gift to you: Ben Pier’s video for some song off some record.

Dig it, here!

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