And here we go again…

Greetings turds. I’m suffering from a terrible pain in the neck and I’m watching Michael Douglas on the View. What’s happened to me? I used to be dangerous.

So I got a job working at this place called the Risque Café. It’s got a pretty seriously awesome whiskey selection and a ton of microbrews (I know…I know, whatever. We’ve also got cans of Hamms) and BBQ. There’s tons of naked girls on the tvs and generally it’s got sort of a tattoo shop kind of vibe, in that there’s tons of flash and wacky crap along those lines everywhere, and they blast music outrageously loud and there’s a lot of chrome and shit like that.

I wouldn’t go so far as to say it’s a rockabilly type place. That, my friends, would be lame. No, it’s definitely a rock bar, but if there’s something about it that’s kind of off-putting it’s that its so clean. If this exact same place wasn’t new and it was all grimy and gnarly, there’d be no doubt that it would be a pretty sweet spot to hang. As it stands, however, it kind of seems like it came out of nowhere.

BUT, that’s where we all come in, right? You people are into rock and roll. Me too. I’m there. You guys like whiskey and smoked pigs, right? Sure you do. I’m gonna be there tonight. Come say hi. It’s located exactly halfway between the LnL and the Gingerman on Clark st.

Anyway, enough of that. Wednesday was a lot of fun. Thanks to all y’all that came out and partied with us. I think we did a real good thing for some people who need it. Nice work everyone. Also, how fucking good is Dead To Me? Jesus. And handsome. Boy howdy! That drummer’s turning straight dudes gay and gay chicks straight like he’s flipping on lightswitches, man. Impressive.

I dunno, kids. I’m real tired, and I’ve got this night of work and I’ve got a lot on my mind and I’m not really feeling like I can provide you all with the witty banter that I’m so well known for today. So, I’m out. See you kids tonight, perhaps? Good deal.


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