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so check this out, the other night I was walking to a bar after our show with my pal toby. As we rounded the corner it became obvious that the woman standing on the corner was giving a handjob to the pantsless man standing next to her while another couple looked on and kind of casually bullshitted with them. The guy smiled and said “sorry” and I said, rather loudly “Wow man, toby! Dick is out over there!” That brought down the house, so to speak, and the handjob was interrupted for a while as laughter echoed through the chilly england evening. We then went to a bar and toby told some chick to fuck off. In fairness, she was a real bitch. What else has happened? Not much. We’re having a great time, complete and utter exhaustion notwithstanding. that’s all, shitheels. Tonight we get to see the mighty Jez Courdelle! Terribly splendid.

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