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I have a friend named Joe. Joe’s a good dude. We’ve known each other for a while and we’ve traveled the world, I’ve hung out and gotten along with his wife, and he’s gotten along with my wife. We don’t swing or anything, just good old fashioned neighborliness. Funny thing, I don’t think our wives have ever met. Not important. Moving on.
Joe and I have consumed multiple bottles of champagne early in the morning and hung out at ridiculous rockstar parties in penthouses in Vegas that neither of us really should have been at for thousands of reasons. I’ve stayed on his floor. He’s stayed on my floor. When I broke my kneecap, he was the first person I went out and got a beer with after the initial recovery period ended. That’s really more coincidence though. Again, not important. Jeez.
SO, you get the idea. He’s a good dude. Anyway, not long ago, Joe called me up and told me that he’d been doing solo tours and he’d made some recordings of himself doing acoustic renditions of some songs he plays with his band. He asked if I’d be into doing a handful of Lawrence arms songs acoustic and putting out a split with him. I told him that I’d think about it, but that was code for “sounds kinda lame, dude” and I kind of put the idea on ice. After all, I got a lot going on, folks. The last thing I need is to step into line behind every other dipshit raspy punk rocker turned balladeer that seems to be the style of the times. I mean, honestly, I’m literally already in ONE line behind Tom and Chuck and everyone. I don’t need to climb into another. That’s DMV style queuing, bro. No thanks.
BUUUUUUUUT, then I thought about it some more, and I thought, ‘you know what? Fuck it. If I can do something interesting, I’m gonna give it a go.” SO, I got my buddy Yates to set up a mic, and I got a new acoustic guitar (thanks to everyone here on the sock drawer who helped me to decide what to get! [sarcasm/old inside joke for real nerds]) and I decided that I’d just kind of go in, somewhat unprepared and do everything one take, live style. I figured that if I’m just doing old Arms songs, I’ve already contributed my vision of them as studio pieces, as perfect as we can get them, and so if I was gonna do it, I wanted more of a raw visceral and intimate quality in the recordings. I ended up doing a couple of overdubs, a riff here and there, but other than that, the recording is seven essentially live tracks, and they’re mostly TLA songs, though one cover slips in there too.
SO, long story continuing on, I finished that shit, and I thought it sounded pretty good and Joe has some songs and we’re gonna put it out as a split. Joe knows a dude named Neil who runs a label called Anchorless and he was apparently the impetus behind this whole project after hearing Joe’s songs. I talked to Neil, he seemed like a good dude, so I said, ‘yeah, fuck it. We’ll do it with this guy.’ Then I weaseled my buddy toby onto the project because I’m the fucking picture of nepotism, and we were set to go. A split release. Me, Joe Anchorless and Redscare, splitting shit like egalitarian dogs alone in a filthy dog park.
I don’t think it’s out of line for me to tell you guys that the shit is called Wasted Potential, which was originally gonna be the title of this blog, but at the last minute I changed it to Bad Sandwich Chronicles. Why? Cuz I’m a marketing savant.
Anyway, listen up. I can’t speak for Joe, cuz well, he lives in Richmond and who knows what kind of hillbilly notions he’s got in his head, but for me, this does not mark a turn for me down the road of being some sort of folk or alt country guy or anything like that. This is simply me doing acoustic versions of songs you’ve already heard and getting a little hang time in with some old friends in the process. Oh, believe me, it’s a selfless endeavor. Need proof?
Fine dipshit, we’re playing a show, Joe and I, Friday, feb 5th at the Mutiny in Chicago. That’s significant because the Mutiny is this shithole famous for four things:
1) a giant urinal
2) individual pabst pitchers
3) free shows
4) the bands don’t get paid.
That’s right bitches and bastards. We’re celebrating this thing with a free show and we’re not getting paid. True! Haki ya mungu! So suck on that, you jaded fucks.

Oh, it’s not the release show or anything, so there will be no merch or anything like that. I don’t even think we get free beer, so bring your wallets you cheap fucks.
That’s everything. Enjoy your freezing ass day.
Oh, Joe is from that band Smoke or Fire.

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  1. Kyle says:

    I thought free beer was the only reason to play the mutiny.

  2. Drew says:

    Stoked! Last time I saw you two chumps at the same time was your tour with American Steel in that shitty rave club, Europa, in Brooklyn.

  3. dustyfloors says:

    Well fuck me running. I am in no way going to be able to attend this. Shit. Hope all you socks enjoy!

  4. Sean says:

    you should cover that revolutionary song by Jason Mraz. The one about about not hesitating/premature ejaculation and whatnot…

    ……… uhhh yea.

  5. KyleLM says:

    This is going to rule. I somehow ended up doing acoustic covers of AM! and Rumbleseat with Joe at HOH last year around a campfire. Most awesome experience ever.

  6. JSIN says:

    SOOOOOO STOKED!!! I knew something was up the way you were (drunk)bantering at Joe at the show at the troubadour.

  7. ~die~ says:

    Can't wait for the split!!! I love Smoke Or Fire and of course…..YOU!

    But, I'm not gonna make the show 🙁

  8. Seagull Steve says:

    Good God….I never thought you'd fall into the whole solo lot…..fortunately, I eat that shit up. Bring on the rasp.

  9. Andrew says:

    smoke or fire might be in my top 3 favorite bands. needless to say i am incredibly stoked about this.

  10. dan638563 says:

    This makes my decision a lot easier, I know you are playing on V Day. I like helping out a good cause but when Madina Lake is the headlining band I will pass. What time does this thing start next week anyway?

  11. Candice says:

    THIS MAKES ME SO EXCITED! But why oh why are you doing a show the week AFTER I leave Chicago? So cruel.

    Also, really hoping kiss the bottle is the cover

  12. planespotting says:

    Kudos to Candice on her preference for a KTB cover.

    Would sound pretty awesome coming from BKs raspy throat.

  13. FranklinStein says:

    just don't turn into the dildo playing his acoustic in the middle of a party!
    candice and spotting: he didn't cover "kiss the bottle". he listened to lucero's cover and said, "why bother?" i'm banking that he did, however, cover "why bother?" that, or "my boatless booze cruise," which he'll likely title "me doing chris doing me".

  14. Banana@1000MPH says:

    wait…is this coming out the same day as Smoke or Fire's 7"?

  15. Blake says:

    I like everything you said in this one.

  16. Eddie says:

    "me doing chris doing me" haha.

  17. Katie says:

    Holy fuck do we know what time the show at Mutiny is? No Enemy are also playing at Ronny's that night and I would like to catch both shows.

  18. Jayzilla says:

    1. this is awesome

    2. this set would make more sense if it was this weekend… at least with my schedule — and thats important to some/most

  19. Toto says:

    Above The City is in my top 5 albums of all time (i don't really remember the other 4).

    i didn't know there was any kind of connection between you 2 guys, but then again, i live in Argentina and i just got out of rehab,congratulations to me!!!!
    i just finished reading like 15 or 20 BSC posts in a row.
    i spent a month and a half in the worst place on earth, next to rapists and psycopaths, i don't think any of them were alcoholics or heavy drugs users like me, they were just insane, really insane, like fucked up in the head insane.
    i hope somebody burns that place down.
    i would kill for a beer.

    love you guys.


  20. Toto says:

    also,Candice, as far as i know ,you are a doctor or a nurse, so maybe you can help me:

    i pee orange pee, almost red.and i know that's not good.

    things you maY need to know for a diagnosis:
    1-i haven't had sex in months
    2-i've been clean.
    3-lately i've been taking pills to sleep.
    4-i eat normal stuff.i've been eating too much but i'm still thin.

    that's pretty much it.thanks in advance.

    pd: this blog is making the world a better place.

  21. Candice says:

    kiss the bottle is on the track listing! yes!

    also, what kinda pills are you taking? that's probably the problem. but I'm just a piece of shit med student so I can be completely wrong.

  22. Toto says:

    Alplax and Sommit 1 mg.
    i asked my mother who also takes those and she said sometimes she can't even, that's probably it.

  23. Karen Kitten Cupcake Sweet says:

    I read about this on redscare today and i was pretty excited… i wish i lived near chicago

  24. Bridgett says:

    Save some of the good stuff for the V Day show. I can make that one.

  25. Candice says:

    toto- i'll need you to drop your pants, turn your head, and cough for me before i can come up with my final diagnosis.

  26. Sean says:

    …. yeah, cough out of his penis…

  27. Candice says:

    sean- i like the way you think.

  28. steveisjewish says:

    I dont know if this has been discussed here before – but wow – – trailer for big money rustlas starring Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope! im gonna spend some of my mother fucking money on this! BIG MONEY RUSTLAS!

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