part 3 as per your request, lady.

Well, I was tempted to dismiss the request in yesterday’s Sock Drawer to discuss Gaslight Anthem three days in a row as irony and/or a request for laziness, but then I realized a few things. Firstly, I’m American, so I don’t understand irony (according to British people, who, by the way, also say things like “Michael Moore is the only smart American,” which is hilarious when you consider that this is coming from a citizenry that decided to ship their criminals off to a tropical paradise so they could maintain their standard of living on their tiny, dismal, gloomy, rainy, rat infested, crowded cold little island. Well thought out, to be sure. You guys just like Michael Moore because he looks British.) Secondly, I’m incredibly lazy. And Thirdly, I have a few more things to say about our buddies in the Gaslight Anthem, and you know what? I’m gonna say ‘em.
My band has had the same booking agent forever. She’s great. She’s stood by us way longer than anyone should be expected to stand by anyone. She’s fought for us, she’s put us on tours with her other big bands and when we’ve come away from the tours saying (for example) that Yellowcard is uh…what was the word I used? I don’t remember now, but anyhow, when that whole thing went down, rather than drop us from her roster (a perfectly reasonable move considering that I was publicly shit talking one of her most promising acts) she put us on more tours with more bands that I talked more shit about and she continued to represent us after I angered people at the warped tour and, well, listen, I’ve spoken my mind a lot in this business, and it has, at times been detrimental to our trajectory as a band, and I’m sure it’s been infuriating to our agent, but she’s stuck by us. What does this have to do with anything? Well, she also represents the Gaslight Anthem.
Now, traditionally, if I was in a public forum, talking about any band on our agent’s roster, she’d probably be sweating and doing her best to ignore the whole thing, and this would seem like an opportune time to worry. After all, I’m a shit talker and Gaslight Anthem is not only god fearing, but they’re also everyone’s favorite band to talk shit about these days. BUT, I’m not gonna talk any shit. Not just to appease our long suffering agent, either, though god knows that she deserves a medal for dealing with me for the past nine or so years, but because I’ve got nothing bad to say about them, which is crazy, because man oh man, do people LOVE to talk shit about them. You know why? I’ll tell you:
Punk rock, long standing underground punk rock is a subculture of people who have been passed by. Every person in every long running band you can think of who never made it to the mainstream has a ton of famous friends and a day job and it kind of stings a little. I mean, let’s list the bands that have opened up for my band on tour: Yellowcard, Rise Against, Taking Back Sunday, the Starting Line, Thursday, My Chemical Romance. That’s just of the top of my head. Now, it’s easy for the lifers to dismiss these successful bands as crappy or pandering, because let’s face it, if you’ve got a group of jaded bastards holding ANY album up to any sort of scrutiny, you’re gonna find some flaws (even a masterpiece like any of our records) and jaded bastards LOVE to exploit flaws, even tiny ones.
Now, as these popular bands embrace the mainstream, they get away from that “punk rock” sound that’s so marginalizing, and people term that “selling out” or leaving roots behind or something, but that’s not what it is. It’s growing as an artist. Show me a band that consistently puts out the same records and I’ll show you arrested-development addled man-children jumping around in oversized shorts at age forty five (thank you Pennywise). Maturing as an artist can be ugly, or it can be great, but it’s ALWAYS an excuse for the left-behind to talk shit.
What’s left is this belief that down here, in the underground, we’re really making some great music and it’s just being ghettoized because mainstream dildo journalists are dismissive. If they ever took the time to ACTUALLY LISTEN to Oh! Calcutta! Or Little Brother or American Rubicon, or Career Suicide they’d see some real good music with insight and depth. Way better than Matt and Kim or MGMT, you know? But they’ll never listen. They write us all off as blink 182 clones because their palate isn’t sophisticated. That’s what we all tell each other.
Enter Gaslight Anthem. They’re doing what we’re all doing, and they’re getting write ups in the New York Times and they’re becoming insanely popular and Bruce Springsteen is out there singing some other song while they sing their song and they’re getting record of the year and they’re just some little band without this Against Me/Hold Steady hype machine behind em, they just kinda came out of nowhere and uh oh! Looks like everyone WAS paying attention. They just didn’t like much of what they saw down here. And man, is everyone bummed out.
I mean, who wouldn’t like a New York Times journalist to critically praise the work you’ve done? That’s the shit that breeds contempt. Not the record sales. The attention to detail. People like Chicken, or me or anyone, don’t want to be huge, or even BE in Gaslight Anthem, we want the recognition for what WE did in a similar way to the way Gaslight is currently receiving praise, but guess what? Not happening. So what’s the move? Talk shit. Hide the jealousy and sting of the proof of your mediocrity with some shit talking barbs. It was easy when it was Taking Back Sunday and Yellowcard. Those bands really are dumb. It’s easy to be dismissive when you KNOW that what you’re doing is cooler. With Coco and his buddies, not so easy to make that distinction, so all people can say is “stop aping bruce springsteen” or ‘the lyrics are cheezy’ but man. You ape Dillinger Four and your lyrics are juvenile and derivative. What’s worse? Huh? Huh?
Okay, that’s a little bit of honesty. That’s what all your favorite bands are thinking. Good luck out there kids. The world’s full of assholes and perverts. Don’t let em take you alive.

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  1. Kevin Burnett says:


  2. Jesus says:

    It's funny, as soon as any band goes mainstream the kind of followers the band atracts can totally turn around overnight, depending on the publicity.

    Look at AM!, as soon as they went on Sire the attention brought to them from older fans was undeniably and brutally harsh. People demanding to go back to songs like Reinventing Axle Rose, and instead of the punk rock screams of "Burn burn burn!" they changed the tempo to "Ba ba ba" in Thrash Unreal.

    This isn't to say that I'm not still a big fan, but it seems as musicians, there is no way to please very many people. The fact the Lawrence Arms have been around for as long as you have and not gone mainstream is, in my books, a shining success. Who needs all the fame? As it is, you have a loyal and dedicated fan base that Loves you guys.

    Shouldn't that be what music is about anyways?

  3. Kevin Burnett says:

    Jesus, I have to disagree.

    Music is about a lot more than having a loyal, loving fan base. Most musicians are lucky if even their spouse will listen to their shit.

    Also…putting food on the table, taking care of your wife and giving your kid a good life are all things I'm sure BK would rather finance through his music career instead of schlepping drinks at a bar.

  4. myassisapipebomb says:

    I've never really heard anyone shit talk Oh Calcutta or American Rubicon…
    Gaslight is just one of those bands that everyone loves to hate because, face it, they're fucking retarded. The music blows, their image is stupid, they get acceptance from people who wouldn't know punk rock if Dan Andriano circa 1999 curb stomped them.

    The punk rock police will be arresting them very soon.

  5. erik says:

    here's a shit talking website… for more shit talking…

  6. Jayzilla says:

    "I've never really heard anyone shit talk Oh Calcutta or American Rubicon…"

    anyone thats ever diss'd american rubicon is some lame-o who is upset that the Band expanded its sound ..

    yeah it really sucks when bands further their musical outreach. NOT!

    (find more NOT! jokes @ )

  7. admp says:

    I gave Gaslight as objective a listen to as I'm capable, because you're been going on about them for three fucking days now. I made it through half a song. The new Against Me! record sounds better, they don't ape Bruce (they just suck), and the lyrics really ARE cheesy.

    Fact of the matter is, some people actually WANT to hear intelligent lyrics (Recovering the Opposable Thumb, for instance, if I'm pandering). Some bands ht it big and they have access to producers who can make them SOUND mainstream (The Strokes) but others are stuck in a 50/50 crapshoot where half the people in the underground hate them because, well, they suck and once they make it out half the people on the surface think they're too "punk rock" which is total bullshit.

    In any event, I feel like I've been asking you to do this forever, but PLEASE write about playing shows in Chicago and things of that nature. It would be nice, as a musician, to have some idea what I've gotten myself into.

    Also, ( people have been telling me I need a full band to play my music (and a new vocalist, hyuk hyuk) so that'd be great if, high up there on your cloud of wisdom don here in the underground, you could give a dissertation on a band that HASN'T been featured on AP's cover.

    Word verification: shinglor. I like it.

  8. Mark Maier says:

    It's funny. When the '59 Sound was released everyone was going nuts for them, now there are a lot of haters. Why is that? Kinda lame, man. Anyway, is anyone else going to their Milwaukee show on Sunday?

  9. dustyfloors says:

    What I don't understand, in the shit talking GA realm, is the shit that's being talked about their "cheesy, retarded lyrics" and such. I mean does everything have to be "fuck this shit, fuck that shit, this is why society sucks, etc" to be considered punk rock/listenable?! Is it "un punk" to listen to something that's just simple/fun every now and then?

  10. admp says:

    Dusty, why would you want that from a punk band? Isn't that why there are other genres of music? If I want to feel good about myself or love or any of that nonsense, I'll listen to "You Make My Dreams Come True" by Hall and Oates. Actually, man, that is a great song.

  11. jsin1981 says:

    OK-SO I was listening to Complete Control Radio with Joe Sib and he is pimping out this new band on his label and praising them like they were the next best thing to a blowjob. He went on and on on how punk they were and I was intreged. Now for the most part Joe Sib is right on with his punk rock radio show-He has had The Larry Arms on for an interview( and plays new Dead To Me and Smoke Or Fire(when This Sinking Ship came out) and always plays legitimate punk rock. But then The 59 Sound came on and I was like—HuWaaaaaa-this is what passes for punk these days-sad, just sad. I wasn't to interested in the song and wrote off gaslight as a one hit wonder. Now I'm not saying they suck or anything just not that great. Since then I've seen gaslight open up for Rise Against and heard some of Sink or Swim(Way better that the 59 sound) and I guess they are not that bad just like I already said nothing speacial(to me). Oh well-Good Three Day Blog~

  12. Robb says:

    Ohh hogwash! …Gaslight don't ape Bruce on '59 Sound? Of course they do. That should be the one thing everyone should be able to agree on re: Gaslight–assuming you have ears and knowledge of music prior to this decade–regardless of how you feel about their merits and worth as a band. I mean I know it's 'subjective', but come on.

  13. John F. says:

    admp: I assume you've never listened to the Ramones, then?

  14. Robb says:

    Anyhow, admp, I'm in total agreement with you in not thinking Gaslight are anything special (nor the "worst fucking shit ever" stance–also far from the case and just cheeseball hyperbole). But I'm just amazed if you listen and truly don't hear Bruce aping afoot. To me that's like listening to Rancid or One Man Army and claiming to hear zero Clash in there.

  15. Robb says:

    …Wait a moment–why am I being slightly apologetic? Re-reading, you said you listened to "half a song". So there's our big "objective appraisal". Ok, nevermind. Fuck you. 😀

  16. admp says:

    RE: the Ramones – I was a fan when I was 12 and my dad bought me some Ramones vinyls I wasn't allowed to listen to. After downloading a bunch of their songs off Napster (remember that?) I became convinced there was something off about them. Then, when I was 13 or so I realized "Rockaway Beach" and "Rock and Roll High School" are the same chorus, essentially. I started listening to bands with conceptual and intelligent lyrics (Radiohead, Rage Against the Machine come immediately to mind) and since then I don't have much tolerance for music that I consider to be lacking in substance. I think you can feel good (as opposed to angry) listening to music that has nothing to do with how sad you are about a girl, or how much you love a girl, or any of the childish crap bands like NOFX sings about (farts, dicks, juvenile attempts at being political). For a great example to this, listen to "A Drum is a Woman" by Duke Ellington.

    RE: Bruce – I never listened to the Boss enough to have a good feel for his music. Like nearly every other hot-blooded American I love "Born to Run", but for the most part – and I know this is a cop-out in some respects – Bruce has been ruined for me by other people, specifically my dad. Gaslight to me just sounds like another one of these bands that everyone on punknews loves but I'm fairly certain I would hate even if I saw them live.

  17. admp says:

    I guess I should have listened to more than half a song, but I felt like I got the idea, and it was a labor to listen to even half that song. I had more important things to listen to, like, um, silence.

  18. Robb says:

    Yeah, my main contention was how you possibly couldn't have heard Bruce ripping. But I overlooked where you said you'd heard just one song…understandable. (Though really, it's detectable in every one imo).

  19. admp says:

    It didn't really sound like they were aping him, but it may be because I was paying attention to the vocals and not the music (I think, from what I've heard, Bruce's voice is very distinct. Not like, Tom Waits distinct, but I could pick it out in a crowd.) In any event, I'm a little out of my depth since I haven't listened to these bands enough, and I'm fairly sure if I come close to bashing Springsteen Jon Stewart will kill me with his mind.

  20. Robb says:

    I hear you. But fuck, my brain is seriously lagging today…I know this, because what I should have and meant to highlight all along is that it's asinine to make as definitive a statement as "They don't ape Bruce", when you heard…half of one song. Please refrain from such things in the future. Thank you.

  21. admp says:

    As you wish, Lord Robb.

  22. Andrew says:

    i dont and have never really listened to bruce springsteen. i've heard enough to realize how people compare TGA to him. Who cares?
    Bands use the same instruments. There are a finite number of chord progressions or rhythms out there. Something is bound to be repeated. So what?
    When I heard "Sink or Swim" for the first time (based solely on high praise on punknews) it blew my fucking mind with how awesome it was. I hadn't felt that way toward a single record since I first heard the lawrence arms or the loved ones first EP. In other words it sounded pretty damn unique to me.
    It wasn't until "'59 Sound" came out that people started really criticizing their sound and how it compared to springsteen. I admit I was one of them. I wasn't comparing it to springsteen per se, but what I heard was plain, radio-ready rock n roll. I was heartbroken that they had fallen so quickly into the same boring vat of vanilla icing bands that the loved ones or against me! had fallen into.
    But that's just the way it is. I still bought 59 sound and I still listen to it occasionally. It is a good record, it just doesn't have the zing of the punk rock albums I love so much.

  23. dustyfloors says:

    ADMP, I just think that it's kinda "un-punk" to say that something's "un-punk" because it has "simple" lyrics/themes to it, no!? I've never been a model citizen of the "punk rock life" but still feel like that's kinda not what it's about. I wouldn't think lyrics would determine what is punk vs mainstream pop crap…

  24. jsin1981 says:

    Robb and admp
    Definitly Gaslight is "apeing" Bruce-even the way Brian Fallon acts is a replica of Bruces' additude(ya know trying to be all hard and cool)

  25. Kevin Burnett says:

    Funny how fast the sock drawer disintegrated into the same old garbage today.

  26. Robb says:

    "We're just some dancin' fools/we're gonna do it all right/gonna' twirl n' twirl through this strawberry night!

    actual Gaslight Lyrics!!

  27. Kevin Burnett says:

    Wow, I'm impressed. A comment from Robb where he didn't use big words so we would all remember how smart and cool he is.

  28. Kevin Burnett says:

    "Ms. Congeniality was Sandra's prize peacock pearl amidst a metaphorical sea of discarded unwashed anal beads. As Bullock takes us to the very core of a pure soul tortured by the tribulations of conscious (albeit noble) duality and deceit, we can only watch, transfixed; as we thoughtfully order a meat lover's pizza and gently implore The McKenzies next door to "shut that fucking thing up"."

    –Actual Robb Quote!

  29. Robb says:

    Aww, sowwy you disapprove of my…semantics, Kev? I'll have to make a mental note not to assist you in the future in locating incredibly simple things like the myspace for Andriano's new project.

  30. admp says:

    Alright kids, play nice. Jeez, it's like Beeks leaves you at daycare and as soon as he walks out the door you bite some other kid's ass.

    Risk-taking behavior isn't risk-taking when it's over the internet.

  31. admp says:

    That being said, those Gaslight lyrics are a joke. Not in a "they meant it as a joke" way, but in a "are you fucking kidding me?" way. The Ms. Congeniality comment was hilarious, also. But let's play nice.

  32. Banana@1000MPH says:

    I'm going to say it, I think Gaslight Anthem sounds good. I have yet to buy any of their albums because I'd rather buy other albums, but if I had a lot more money, I would totally buy their albums – and not just in a "I want to own every album ever made because I'm rich and can" way.

  33. amandatague says:

    1. People talking about how distinct Tom Waits' voice is. It's distinct, alright, distinctly Cookie Monster.

    2. The only person I've ever heard rip on a TLA album was this little faux vintage twatbag who doesn't own a purse without a Beatles or Rolling Stones pin and shits her pants over the above mentioned Cookie Monster and boring shitty bands like Man Man and Fleet Foxes. Her main criticism is "it's so loud and harsh. does it have to be so harsh? i like punk music, but so harsh."

  34. dan638563 says:,vclip,2

    You guys have people wearing your tshirts in the audience now…big time now.

  35. Drew says:

    Tom Waits is one of the punkest bastards around! Man is incredibly dynamic, and has always done whatever the fuck he wants on his own terms!

    …also Gaslight can be cheesy, but I also think they're a fun band, and they're in fact great live! Their success was determined by the niche they found and marketed in punk rock (the whole 50's revivalist 'America is still in its industrial golden ages of car manufacturing and dance halls' in little Brian's head). I listen to them with a grain of salt, and think that its fun to romanticize a epoch in history i'll never get to live-out.

  36. Drunken Acorn says:

    Thank you Drew, Gaslight found a sound that nobody else was doing now and ran with it. Yes it's kinda goofy but who the fuck cares. I've heard a lot worse.

  37. OPKOPete says:

    Not to offend anyone on this message board or BK- but wasn't yesterday's post about stupid, pointless, unimaginative conversations? I can't think of anything as meaningless as another "sellout" or "bands that make money" conversation on a website full of jaded, bearded, candice-loving, reading assholes. This includes me and my post. -Peter

  38. HeLLaDaNTe says:

    dan638563, that's awesome! Haha. The video was pretty awesome by itself, but made far more awesome by the guy with the Larry Arms t-shirt.

  39. Dave says:


    Thanks to my wife, I know every single detail possible about her co-workers lives. Many of these people I haven't actually met, yet day after day I am regaled with story after story regarding the minutae of their every waking moment. Could you please comment on this phenomenon?

  40. Owner Operator says:

    Sink or Swim shits all over the 59 sound. and that's maybe cos they were rushed to put out something else after the initial success. i've seen em live in a lil pub in western australia on a floor, no stage, with shit acoustics etc. it was fun. they tore it up… but something was missing… they played alot off of the 59 sound and it kinda put me off them…. i havent listened in a while… that said i am interested in what they bring out next.

  41. radioXwaves says:

    People still talk shit on bands that get big? Man, when did I get old and quit paying attention.

  42. Gabriel says:

    Beeks is my hero…..*sigh*.

    OH! If you happen to read this, I'd like to know what you think about the comment Ben Weasel made about the larry arms. I'm paraphrasing here but I think it was while he was ranting about some band called the max levine ensemble. Something along the lines of "if it weren't for the Lawrence Arms the max levine ensemble would be the worst band in the world". Thoughts?

    You're from the same city, no love

  43. Sean says:

    anyone else excited for the new Against Me! record?

  44. Manny Los Gatos says:

    Geez people you are ripping on a lot of good bands. Did somebody say they don't like the ramones? That's blasphemy.

    What about bands that sound like the talking heads. I'm thinking about Clap your hands and Okkervil river.

    I like MGMT. Who do they rip off? Everybody? The Rolling Stones Circa Emotional Rescue?

  45. Robb says:

    Whoa, totally missed my quote up there! I kinda see what you were going for, Kevin–"See how snobby he is with his 'big-boy words'?" So it's a shame you ignored context. Since it's clear (viewed in context) I was just playfully mocking the idea Ms. Congeniality merits a big in-depth James Lipton-y analysis, you've succeeded only in making yourself look slightly dumb and me hilarious. So thanks, I guess.

  46. Candice's Breasts says:

    Robb = JV BK


    The Twins

  47. kylewagoner says:

    Too many points to agree with…I could write an entire blog entry or 3 in response, so I'll just say…touche.


  48. Scott says:

    Brendan you are correct sir. one of the smartest people i have had the pleasure of meeting and reading etc.

    About the GA, I like them. Going sunday to Milwaukee going the 24th to the lawrence arms. Its good fucking music even if the lyrics can be cheese. It is just fun music. Why does everything have to have a meaning other than having fun. Its like people who have to sit and come up with some over analytical reason behind every single fucking tattoo they have. I will say this, Rage was good, but did nothing for me. Radiohead bores me. Why can't you just like something or hate something and let it be for everyone else?

  49. KypPineapple says:

    Wow, reading through some of these comments that argue why the GA suck reminds me of the days I used to browse a whole lot of shit-talking from mentally retarded 12-year-olds that couldn't tell the difference between mediocrity and New Wave if Tom Gable shit in their mouths(you know why everyone hates on New Wave? BECAUSE IT DOES INDEED TRULY SUCK NO MATTER WHAT LABEL IT'S ON). In fact, I kind of blame the org for all the GA backlash to begin with. Anyone remember last summer when every other article involved the GA in some way or another? It all started there, folks. Before you knew it, everyone started bitching about the over exposure and BAM, it's now cool to hate the Gaslight Anthem. I'll admit, I prefer Sink or Swim over the 59 Sound, but I'm not going to sit here and shit on them just because they sound like Springsteen (who you totally can't like cause, after all, isn't that dude on a major?) I have a shit ton more things to say but this is getting way long. But I look forward to any of your responses that I'm sure will be on that mentally retarded 12-year-old mentality level. I could always use a good laugh.

  50. ak says:

    …admp you're a fucking moron. Please do me a favor and don't arrest me; you black boot wearing music elitist punk rock police man. If I had a midget that I carried around in a back pack I would tell that little bastard to come over and stick a chicken wing in your eye.

    Oh!!!!the GA or who ever the next band is just sucks (sniffle….), but hey fat chick who will listen to me rant about music because I know I tried to fuck your hot friend, but she sent me packing because she saw through my whole "I have an acoustic guitar and I'm soooo sensitive, but I can get crazy with the kids and smash a few beer bottles if Against Me! comes on, (but only their early stuff mind you)pathetic persona." It's like that Copyrights song (pretending to not like Green day, but we wore the tape out anyways). I haven't even heard the GA, and I don't care. Tell your mom to quite leaving her cell phone at my house. It's awkward when you call…….smooches

  51. Brent says:

    I saw Gaslight Anthem Tuesday night (after reading the first post about them actually) and had never actually heard them before (Loved Ones opened). Amazing band, blew me away. Fantastic lyrics and just a great sound in general.

  52. dv05 says:

    I agree with ak. admp you are a fucking moron. So the Gaslight Anthem's lyrics are a joke, huh? How about compared to your band, Fossil Arm? Yeah, I checked out your band. "But, Ape, you're in control And now awful, awful things Everywhere are happening" sounds like pretty fucking "cheesy" lyrics to me. After decades (sarcasm) of listening to "conceptual and intelligent" lyrics, is this the best you can come up with?

  53. dv05 says:

    admp: by the way, the message on myspace you posted titled "A Message to Booking Agents" is one of the stupidest things I have ever read on the internet.

  54. admp says:

    Dear Internet Tough Guy,
    You must be proud of yourself, you are pretty hilarious. Please come to one of my shows, I will gladly pay for you to get in so you can shout these things.

  55. jsin1981 says:

    Wow-just Wow

  56. Stizzy says:

    It's too bad people can't have their own opinions anymore. If only it were like the good ol' days when we all agreed about anything and everything. Then there would be no need for internet arguments.

    P.S. I like The Gaslight Anthem and Fossil Arm. Who'd've thunk it

  57. Robb says:

    "…When people stop being polite…and start getting REEEEAL!"

  58. Blake says:


  59. Stizzy says:

    Real world BSC? Robb I'm liking where this is going.

  60. ak says:

    I put out a saucer of milk and this is the thanks I get…if this keeps up I will be forced to take away your ball of yarn and we won't play with the laser pointer for a week…..tisk tisk…

    robb, keep up the humor; if you were a bear I would hug you.

  61. Robb says:

    So ak I just have to know – was this by chance the inspiration for your "midget with chicken wings" imagery? Note the left hand:

  62. J.A.F. says:

    did anyone on this board attend any shows that TLA played with yellow card and the starting line?? that was weird. did anyone go to the fireside ones?

  63. Banana@1000MPH says:

    BK, I don't mean to stir shit up (okay, I do), but what do you think of the new Ask Floyd?:

    "Dear Floyd,
    Larry Arms or……D4? GO!
    Possible Bonus Question: Why?
    Martin Short (30Sep, 2009)

    Martin Short,
    D4. Cause I think they are better. Minneapolis over Chicago too, because Chicago is too flat.

    Do you even care?

  64. Moore Sketches! says:

    yeah J.A.F. – i went to one at the fireside bowl… and it was very weird. i video taped that show too, but sadly i lost the VHS when i moved… that would be funny as hell to see now.

  65. J.A.F. says:

    shit, you lost the tape? that would be awesome to see again. it was still a fun show, regardless of the other bands. dude, i saw my chemical romance OPEN for the ghost at fireside. that was the worst shit i had ever heard. we were laughing and the guitar player got offended and made some comment that i dont remember.

    so, sadly, i can say that i've seen my chemical romance.

  66. Joshua says:

    ok, so… to those that want to debate what punk rock "is", then you are NOT punk rock. punk rock is punk rock is punk rock. punk rock is supposed to be inclusive. shit talking a shitty band is all good and well. i dont mind that in the slightest. but this discussion thread over punks non-punk is dumb. punk is everything and nothing at the same time. to define punk rock is to end puck rock.

    that said, gas lamp genie or whoever can suck it. shitty music is shitty music. but lets keep the eye on the prize here. the comments about "punk" music are silly. punk should be INCLUSIVE, not exclusive.

    and beyond that dumb shit… ive been youtubing the lawrence arms and broadways (since i am drunk) and i want to know, NAY! i demand to know! Brendan! do you remember the show at house of blues anaheim? with alkaline trio (who i bought the tickets to see), and dropkick murphys? and the opening act ended up being billy joes guitar tech for the pop diaster tour? i literally fell in love with your band that night and my girlfriend literally fell in love with you guys. her name was/is kristin, which im almost sure you guys can recall in an awkward way. anyway… write some shit about old shows and crazy shit! thats good fun.

  67. Joshua says:

    goddammit… why am i sure it wasnt dropkick but i cant remember the band name thats on the tip of my tongue??? shit.

  68. Joshua says:

    FUCK!! it was the bouncing souls!!!! not dropkick. jesus. i have a terrible memory.

  69. Blake says:

    So, Joshua, Punk Rock is like a wish when you blow out your birthday candles? Once you mention it, it won't come true?

    That sounds so sad.

    word verification: killim

  70. Nikki says:

    First of all, music IS subjective. It's not a "sin" to like or dislike any band, i.e. "You're not 'punk' if you hate the Ramones" or "You're a homo if you like Gaslight", etc. Everyone has at least one band they love that is so far removed from the other stuff they listen to that they'd be ashamed to mention it in their normal circles of friends. For example, I have a friend who STILL likes the fucking Backstreet Boys and NSync even after half of them have come out and it no longer makes sense to even have a crush on them. Not to mention the "music" that they didn't even write themselves just sucks. But, regardless of how lame I think it is to like the Backstreet Boys, I'm sure that someone else would probably think I'm "lame" or "unpunk" to like Creedence Clearwater Revival or some other old band that basically provided the foundation for bands we revere so much today. Personally, I think it takes balls to make music, whatever music you're trying to make, and to put it out there even if it is a giant rip-off of something else. As far as Gaslight specifically, they're an average band that's not really doing anything we haven't heard before, but look at all the Dylan rip-offs out there. Look at all the pop-punk rip-offs. The fact is someone out there thinks they are the greatest band ever, so cut that kid a break. Maybe their taste isn't as cool as yours, but what's the point of fighting about it? We are all entitled to our opinions.

    Also, Robb, I love you. So many people think they have to hide the fact that they are intelligent in order to be "punk" or "cool", or that using a big word is talking down to someone. It's not. It's called education, which some people in this world are severely lacking. 🙂

  71. KypPineapple says:

    I think the problem that people have with Robb's comments is that they sound less intelligent and educated and more like a 14-year-old kid that ate his father's issue of the New Yorker and then vomited it all over his keyboard. The truth is, Robb probably masturbates while reading Twilight and whatever the newest Dan Brown novel is because he feels that those are the highest forms of literature known to mankind. Seriously dude, no one likes pseudo-intellectual-fuckwads, especially when you're just faking it anyways.

  72. Stizzy says:

    I didn't know anyone had a problem with robbs comments

  73. Robb says:

    *Sigh~* Ya know, 'KipPineapple'…(..really?)…it's possible–likely, even–that one fine day, someone who's really "got it in for me" on here may just "get the best" of me. Buuuut….going by your (tired, contrived, insipid, sleep-inducing) "rant" the other day in which you likened people to "reetard 14 yeer oldz" over their reasons for liking/disliking Gaslight…I can reasonably speculate you won't be the one.

    The great unsung privilege of interweb is freedom to make hilarious all-inclusive snap judgments about whatever other dildos you encounter. Thus, Kyp, you're free-NAY!–encouraged–to speculate to your heart's (and cock's?) content about me and the various things I might stroke my dong to! It doesn't exactly leave cigarette burns in my mind all day–unlike that homeless man I used as a personal toilet during Spring Break '06 Key West…haunting. But it bares mention that you being as much to the table as the person you're indicting. So are you certain you're not just one of those dumb, boring dickheads quick to curl into a defensive, knee-jerk, "fuck-this-pseudo-intellectual-smarty-pants-know-nothing-faggot" fetal position out of spite and frustration whenever you encounter words and sentences on interweb that leave you confusedly drooling and compulsively touching your asshole and sniffing your finger from confusion over whether or not to take them at face value–due to being a little 'slow on the draw'–and that's not maybe at the real root of your 'problem' with me? Just speculation.

  74. Robb says:

    …And most recently I've been masturbating mostly to Philip Roth and Cormac McCarthy books, the band Failures' Union, and various Patton Oswalt youtube clips–not out of trying to appeal to some intangible perceived ideal-but because they're things I genuinely enjoy. Just in case that uninspired pair of satirical interests you tossed out there (Twilight? Really? At least name something semi-legit that a shitload of people think is great but really sucks, like say, Chuck Palahniuk books) was really just your cute way of fishing for a few things I really do enjoy, out of a sort of perverse, natural-enemy-cum-ironic-pesudo-sexual-interest curiosity.

  75. Banana@1000MPH says:

    Robb, I like Palahniuk's books (most of them), so I'm going to point out you said "cum" and come to the conclusion that you are a total gay-boy and play dumb to the fact that you didn't use it in that sense and now think homophobic thoughts to myself for the rest of the day in anger.

  76. Banana@1000MPH says:

    I guess I'll take solace in the fact that you haven't attacked Ron Jeremy's writing – yet (I mean, let's be honest, do you find NOTHING holy? You really have no boundaries and probably WILL take a stab at Ronny boy's ability to write a book [which is of course actually his ghostwriter]).

  77. Candice says:

    i'm just leaving a comment because everyone else did.

  78. KypPineapple says:

    Oh Robb. Robbi? Robby? Robbert? Robberta? Honestly, I don't really know where to begin. I only went after you because you took a shot at my man Burnett…not because you're, well, you (although admittedly, with the way you write, you totally deserve it). Again, honestly, I'm usually above responding to your totally predictable, contrived, and long-winded comebacks, but one particular sentence just blew my mind: "It doesn't exactly leave cigarette burns in my mind all day…" Really? REALLY? Your shit is so tired, dude…and that sentence just proves what I said earlier in so many indescribable ways. Not to mention that you accuse me of calling you a faggot (where was that?) and all your "asshole fingering" descriptions…well, your whole "comeback" post was frighteningly closet-homo-esque in nature (see that, NOW I'm hinting at your true sexual preferences. I just gave you a freebie. You're welcome). So let me end this here because truly, I don't care dude…and my kitten is biting the shit out of my hand right now making this incredibly difficult…and you should totally look into getting one of those (a kitten) to keep you off the keyboard as much as possible in the future.
    Goodnight, Robberta.

  79. Blake says:

    Fingering a cat? That's a new low, kyp.

    word veri: supid

  80. jbody says:

    pineapple,didn't you post the flagrantly homosexual and inexcusably unfunny charge that robb whacked off to gasp…dan koontz novels?couldn't his homoerotic flourishes have just been satirical jabs at that very fact?Didn't kev take an unprovoked dig at robb that he had to know would illicit a response?Did a cute yet attainable brunette whisper ''you're ugly'' in kevin's ear seconds before that profile pic of his was snapped?

  81. jbody says:

    I happen to know robb is an autosexual like marc bolan,morrissey and jennifer hudson.

  82. admp says:

    You know, I was going to write about how incredibly stupid it is to attack Robb's sexuality because he uses big words. Simplified retort: You're morons.

    Robb, keep doing what you do.

  83. Drew says:

    Jesus, Robb… you bring the cyb3r dr@m@ like it's your job d00d!

  84. Sean says:

    robb isn't gay… he's boned me…

    …. wait…

  85. Robb says:

    Well scissor me timbers, Kypster! First, I didn't realize you n' Kevin were boyz. Boooom–here comez da' boyz from da' PENN!! Do the two of you ever convene at the bar area of TGI Friday's and reminisce about "sexual conquests" over readily-available mainstream low calorie beers? Boy, that waitress suuure is haaaawt–isn't she, fellas?? Anyway I can't lie—-I was downright excited at the prospect that maybe–just maybe– you were/are so utterly stupid and "douchey" (call it a hunch) so as to not pick up on insultingly-obvious mockery and bating when it's dangled in your face like your lil' kitten companion's catnip…and I must say, you didn't disappoint! Indeed–like only the corniest, walking self-parody of a purebred Pennsylvanian coal-miner descendent could–you not only failed to recognize a choice of phrase as utterly asinine as "cigarette burns of the mind" (sewiously??) for the ironic and deliberate jab at your AWESOMELY un-clever appraisal of my "writing style" (daddy's New Yorker??) that it is–you went so far as to HIGHLIGHT and HARP ON SAID PHRASE with no hint of irony–sending my private lil' joke into super awesome overdrive! Sigh~…like a moth to a porch lamp (Or an exhausted, salt-of-the-earth Pennsylvanian day-laborer to his 13 year old niece). Anyhow, on that kitten–you show the lil' guy all the love and affection you can, hear? And, with any luck, perhaps he won't leave you like 'Pop-Pop' did when we took off in the trusty ol' Silverado that fateful October morning (guilt over the niece, and all).

  86. Robb says:

    Oh and on Palahniuk, Banana – Cheap shot mostly for effect. It just seems for awhile now he's upped the ante in gross-out/yuck factor in a sort of transparent, pandering-to-expectations way. That and I think people just tend to fondle his balls a little excessively (CLOSET HOMO SLIP??? hyuk-hyuk!!) for what he actually delivers. And, like my Skiba rips, it's a running joke I alone find funny.

  87. Robb says:

    Also, Kyp-my latest grandiose paw swipe contains a crucial single-letter typo error near the end which you could totally exploit for maximum lulz!

  88. Stizzy says:

    less "closet-homo-esque"

    more blatant rim jobs and cat fingering

  89. Gregory says:

    man you guys spent a lot of time in here over the weekend. that sucks.

  90. ak says:

    All this talk of kittens. When I get home I'm getting a beagle. Their ears are fucking cute. That's right bitches, I'm going to grab those ears and slap the little bastard in the face with them; and it's perfectly ok to use fucking and cute in the same sentence.

  91. KypPineapple says:

    1) Masturbating to Dan Brown's writing: not gay (masturbating to his picture? Probably, but I never hinted at that).
    2) I was actually "born-and-raised" in D.C., and while here in Pittsburgh and the surrounding rural areas you do find some un-educated and seriously racist/hateful people, I feel it is completely unneccessary to group an entire population into one inbreeding stereotype. Plus, these rural folks that are making a living doing hard, honest work are in essence more "real" than those in the city who are fucking each other over for a few extra mil so they can buy their trophy-whore-wives the newest gucci (sp?) bag (stereotyping!). Pennsylvanian farmers, coal miners, and those old rough guys that hit the bar at night in their dirty plaid shirts totally deserve your respect, man. Just sayin'.
    3) I know I said I was done fighting, but your brazen assumptions and disrespect for country folk was completely uncalled for. I know, it was for a "joke" -haha laughs- but it was in bad taste, dude. Bad taste.
    4)I'll stop there. Promise. While it's hard to ignore your weak and easily defeated comebacks, I will do so. I will simply skip over any comments left by you in future blogs so that I will no longer feel the urge to smash my face off the keyboard as I force my way through your words. Fair deal? Fuck yeah.

  92. Andrew says:

    i actually agree with kyp on the stereotyping issue. kinda unnecessary. but then again robb will just come in and point out how it was just another clever metaphor in his neverending "I know everything so this argument is pointless" tirade and make everything okay again.
    I love all of you.

  93. Darryl says:

    Brendan, what does it mean to "ape" someone?

    P.S. I think Gaslight is a good band. Sure, some of them might be christian, and might be a bit more on the southern-rock side than punk, and call every girls they meet Maria, but they have put out 2 albums that by FAR surpass soo many other fucking bands out there (ya, like Matt & Kim..or The Bravery, for example). So I think people should direct the shit-talking to all of those bands that have all of the big-money backing of the major labels, but still manage to put out utter horse scrotum.

  94. Nikki says:

    People only criticize you for stereotyping as a joke when it's a stereotype they disagree with. That's a fact. Otherwise, not a single one of you would read a blog whose author repeatedly stereotypes things in an "uncalled for" and outlandish way for the sake of humor and occasionally truth-talking. In addition to that, every human being carries with them implicit biases regardless of how anti-P.C. those biases are. Hence the fact that so many people just vomited hatred all over Gaslight and/or some other band that someone else likes but isn't cool enough for aforesaid super-hipster. On that note, calm down everyone and let Robb be the witty bastard that he is. 🙂

  95. Josh says:

    i didn't read this whole comment section full of stupid, i just want to see BSC get a 100 comment entry.

  96. J says:

    98…fuck you all, he's right about this being idiotic. Go comment on a YouTube video.

  97. J says:

    99…my verification word was "flaccid". And with that I'll let someone else break the 100 mark.

  98. scott rockwell says:

    Trying to predict who's going to make it, and who's gonna get a break in the music industry is tough. I really only listened to punk growing up, I'm now 30 and listen to anything from Hank Williams the 3, to Phish, to the slackers, and Ryan Adams. Good music is good music. The Gaslight Anthem aren't claiming they are a strictly punk band. If you watch interviews with them, and read reviews they wanted in a time of war, give something to lighten up on. Take NOFX for instance. They have not progressed at all. Are they punk rock, sure. But they haven't made a good album since Mike went super political. The Gaslight Anthem are super great guys, met them at Minneapolis show. Hard working middle class, like most us. People are digging for something to complain about, but there is nothing there. The 59'sound was a breath of fresh air. Of course the songs are simple, but the lyrics cheesy!? Not so much, but passionate, yes. This blog is making it sound like they are Good Charlotte. Lghten up. The older you get, the more you get it, or you don't.

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