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I’m heading to Milwaukee to cruise around some abandoned buildings today. It’s gonna be great. I plan on eating cheese and sausage and drinking beers and maybe fucking a sassy poodle skirted brewery chick or fighting one of her Lilliputian greaser friends.
I’m leaving in five minutes so this will have to be brief, but I wanted to tell you all about the amazing giveaway that we’re doing at the show (oct 24 at metro, the Lawrence Arms ten year extravaganza/record release jamtastic). The first 100 people in get a copy of the new Buttsweat and Tears 7” FOR FREE. That’s pretty great of us, huh? Well, there’s more. That vinyl, those first one hundred, will be colored vinyl. WOW! Doesn’t get any better than that, right? Wrong! The regular, black vinyl will be for sale at the show, but the colored vinyl will never, ever, ever be available anywhere else. That’s it. The only chance to get is to be the first one hundred people at the show and get it free. Or ebay. You’ll probably be able to get the shit on ebay by oh…the 25th. BUT, this is just a little thank you from us to the dedicated dorks out there that have been so instrumental in allowing us to do this band for a decade. I didn’t mention anything about this until now because I didn’t want some opportunist asshole to buy a bunch of tickets and stuff the front of the line with his cronies, but now that the show’s all sold out, well, collectors, completists and other assorted geeklings, I leave you to battle amongst yourselves.
Those of you who don’t care about nerd shit like colored vinyl can get the regular copy of the record at the show, from fat and (with bonus track) on the vast highways of the internet.
Oh shit! Me ride is here. Gotta run.

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  1. Matt Ramone says:

    This has been up for three hours and no one has posted yet? For shame.

  2. tx! says:

    Oh shit… can you repeat the show in Barcelona, Spain? It's been years since your last visit!
    (I want one of those dildo vynils too)

  3. Jayzilla says:

    my flight lands at 2pm — will street beers be provided for the line or is it byoc?

    (bring your own case)

  4. Scott says:

    can't freakin wait

  5. Bridgett says:

    Dammit why don't I have telepathy to find out where in Milwaukee!

  6. Sickie27 says:

    I don't even have a record player (because I'm not hip with the old times) and I'm now even more jealous of all the people going.

    Along with getting me on the guest list, do you think you can fly me out? And give me a written excuse of absense for my university? Thanks, I owe you one.

  7. Jay says:

    Sorry I can't be at the show man, Baltimore's a far way from you

    In related news, I know you once said Natty Boh's one of your fav. beers. Just wanna show you Baltimore's looking out for you too:

    Baltimore Manhole Cover

  8. jsin1981 says:

    Man wish I was going to that show. Huge vinyl collector-Oh well-get one of the black copies I guess.

  9. Banana@1000MPH says:

    I could of sworn that the show was going to have exclusive colors, but doesn't Fat still have some other color that will be for sale… a much less cool color, like "tears" as opposed to "buttsweat".

  10. EZB says:

    speaking of waiting til the last minute… does anyone have two tickets that they are willing to sell??? i realize this is not the best place, but i'm desperate! please let me know if you have any info that might help… Thank YOU!

  11. Jacob William says:

    Urban Exploring was one of my favorite past times when I lived in Brew City. Seriously, there's so much urban decay in certain parts of Milwaukee, its awesome! I think the coolest is this old foundry/factory/warehouse/I-have-no-idea-what-the-fuck-it-is building near 1st and National in Walker's Point. Its been for sale forever, and last winter my friend and I snuck in through a basement window…there were holes in the floor straight to the basement, that looked like scene in Aliens when they first get to LB-426 and there's all the holes from the Alien acid-blood. It was pretty rad.

    I'll be in line for the 10th as soon as I wake up! Fuck yeah!

  12. Ryan says:

    Anyone like to eat McGangbangs? It's when you put an entire Mcchicken(bun and all) inside of a double cheeseburger. Just wondering, ya know?

  13. nd says:

    For those of us who successfully made it past the 1970's, will there be a cd release for this? Also, Ryan, one of my friends introduced me to the concept of a McGangbang a few weeks ago, but I have yet to try. Worth it?

  14. kylewagoner says:

    hahahha Lilliputians.

  15. Jake Regier says:

    I can only hope that 'Lilliputian' is specifically in reference to Jonathon Swift's Ted Danson's Gulliver's Travels.

  16. Banana@1000MPH says:

    FAskie, as this is the only way I know to contact you, I've been surfing around on the nets and it seems you have the Noise By Numbers demos – the link I found from you is dead, so you wanna post a new one, like right here? That'd be cool. Thanks.

  17. Bridgett says:

    Is there gonna be a friggin' tent city in front of Metro that day? If so, I'm totally in. I'll bring cookies!

  18. Owner Operator says:

    so i took a flight (as a student with no monies) across (from west coast to easst) this great country that is australia to get to one of your shows (cos you canceled your west coast date) a few years back and all i got was you taking my offer of buying you a drink and making it a triple (to make me even more broke) yet these kids who live in chicago and get to see you all the time, for way cheaper than a 5 hour flight and accomodation and higher ticket prices and really expensive drinks, get the free coloured vinyl! boo to you sir. boo to you.

    still, fuck you.

    but really… i'm serious.

    but in all honesty. perth, western australia needs a show…

    good. fuck you

  19. Robb says:

    Caught Cobra Skulls/TBR in Orlando the other night. Devin truly is one class gentleman. Toby Jeg, conversely, is a complete jackass and overall disgrace to his mother's womb. Just kidding! I like him a lot. Like, man-crush lot! Maybe like, 6% less than Devan, if forced to quantify it, but there's still love there. Anyway they managed to leave me with a satisfied smile on my face, even in spite of Orlando being quite possibly the biggest fucking turd of a city this nation has to offer. Saaaay!…you should release a new full-length album in a timely fashion and tour with those guys. Well, too-da-loo~!

  20. morgan says:

    alright, here the deal and it sucks…
    i have tickets to all three shows of this years red oktoberfest, but i can't go. long story.

    my point, while the beat kitchen is pretty strict about showing MY credit card for will call, the tickets for the arms show are in my email. i can forward the print link to whoever wants them.

    but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't bother me if you aren't ABSOLUTELY SURE you can go. this is a pain in my ass, and i want them to actually be used.

    syr667 at the gmail with a dotcom

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