brain delay

What a week, eh? No update yesterday, and this one is gonna have to be short, cuz the baby is digging through my trash with the fervor of a hippy behind a dunkin donuts…Eh, I just gave him a graham cracker…should be okay for a couple minutes, right?
Okay, enough small talk. I’ve been busy lately, and I’ve had some buddies in town, and last night we went to see Green Day, and guess what? Billie fucking mentioned McGreggors AGAIN on stage! Go back to my post from last week “can I get an aw shucks” for a reminder of what McGreggors is/was. Look, the point is, it was a pretty good show. The stage was incredible and they had lots of energy. They played pretty much the whole new record, which I’m not really a fan of, but they played some of the old timey jams as well. A fat guy from the crowd sung Longview, which I think is a pretty funny way of pissing off thirty thousand people while kind of giving them what they want at the same time.
My friend who I went to the show with ended up losing his wallet and getting tattooed on his neck by Billie Joe…which is quite an evening, to say the least. He also bought a brand new motorcycle…good lord, man. Kind of a midlife crisis move if you ask me, but hey, what do I know? I think motorcycles are nothing but surrogate dicks and I like the idea of finding parked motorcycles and pushing them over as a sort of sport. My friend Mike and I had this game for a couple of years when he was our tour manager. One point per pushed over motorcycle. Proud to say that after about six years of this game we’re tied at zero points a piece right now. Shit’s a little too awesome to really do, but man oh man, if I knew hapkido or something…sigh.
My kid and I just shared a nectarine, and now he’s getting into the dogfood…sheesh. I gotta go. No time, really.
Look, I’ll get this shit back up to speed starting tomorrow. Today I’m just too tired and too busy with awake babies to really do anything worth a shit. He’s tossing the dogfood down to the dogs like some sort of great liberator…which is bad, because they’re supposed to be on diets. Fat chihuahuas. Now he’s headed for the bathroom…He likes to splash around in the toilet for some ungodly reason. Hey! Come back here dude! Fuuuuuuck.
Gotta run!

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  1. Matt says:

    Man, just listening to these comments about you kid make me laugh. My best friends had a kid 2 years ago, and due to the fact him and his girlfriend are both working people in their 20s, my family is nice enough to babysit from time to time. This past Saturday I was awoken when my mom though it would be a great idea to bring him into my room and throw him on my bed to wake me up. He has grown into this love of hitting me, so that's what he did. As soon as I'm awake, the dude wants to hang out, which is usually cool. I stumbled downstairs to make coffee and have breakfast with the little guy. We had some eggs and I drank coffee. It was quite the party.

    It is just crazy to read these blogs, and babysit my friends kid, and think one day I'll be doing all this shit for my OWN child, jeez.

    Thankfully when I say he has gotten used to hitting me, it isn't with anything sharp or hard. I have a New York Jets foam noodle that he grabs and hits me with. I don't know why, but he just laughs and laughs as I pretend to be writhe in pain. I once saw a video of a small child beating Paddy from Dillinger Four with a pool noodle and him acting in the same fashion…I guess little guys just love hitting chubby dudes with beards.

  2. Jayzilla says:

    i lived with a girl who had three chihuahuas … thats a lot

    it was a lot more that they used kitchen floors as their personal waste land … yay!

  3. Angiepants says:

    Has the little dude taken to smearing his shit on everything yet? You have so much to look forward to.

  4. Sean says:

    so like…. do you chill with everyone who's in a band these days? that's pretty sick you've got those opportunities just to like… kick back with them, ya know?

  5. Banana@1000MPH says:

    Matt. I don't have a beard and my 2nd cousins ganged up on me and started slapping me and shoving blocks into my face…they just love to see others in pain. I hope this is for all babies and it isn't a coincidence that we both happen to know sociopaths as children.

  6. Sickie27 says:

    Man. I love you. I'm not even afraid to say it. I am in the process of trying to get over a stomped on heart and this short post put a smile on my face. I think BSC is my new shoulder to lean on. Which is cool for you since you don't have to listen to my whining and get tears all over your new blouse.

  7. House says:

    Hey man,

    Great blog! So I run a DIY house/venue down here in south Mississippi. The Cobra Skulls were supposed to play two nights ago. They cancelled TWO hours before showtime. Devin said since they didn't have a day off coming up for a while, he wanted to rest his voice. We had already bought the beer, whiskey and food for them not to mention we promoted like hell. We had people driving from three hours away to see these guys. They are one of my favorite bands too but that seems really inconsiderate. Devin was really nice about it but still…what do you think?

  8. Matt Ramone says:

    Beex, was it you that called the cops on Elgin James?

    If so I wanna buy you a beer.

  9. Robb says:

    Was the food Arby's, House? Yeah, that's rough. Seein cobra boys thurs. night in jax. beach…I hope they play "Spread That Simian Butthole (The Great Equalizer)"–You know, the feel-good summer anthem about how there's a palpable comfort in the fact that even the highest rollers can't quite escape that silly lil' simian anus back there. Rubicon track 18 i think.

  10. Robb says:

    On a real note D4 should go ahead and make that song a reality.

  11. amandatague says:

    given your love of such blogs as "guess her muff" and "is she filthy?" i am inclined to believe that you will also enjoy

  12. Tim & Rac says:

    Matt and Banana,

    My three year-old is the same way… I think it's a boy thing. He also thinks that he is invincible and can jump from things and fly like super man. He doesn't usually get into shit, though, and I've never child proofed my house. Kids are fun as hell.

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