Ladies! you know what to do!

Wow, I have NO time this morning, and it’s Friday which is the hardest day to make something happen on the internet. I’m just a whirlwind of emotions right now. Some readers have been kind enough to point out all the other badsandwich rip offs that have popped up lately and I’m at once flattered and appalled. What the fuck? Okay, firstly, Bad Sandwich started out as the worst band name I could think of. This was a game that we would play while on the road. We’d sit around and when someone would say something that could be a terrible band name, we’d write it on a list. It would go something like this….


The Lawrence Arms are on tour and driving out of LA. NEIL drives while a visibly hung over NADER sits shotgun. He’s rubbing his bloodshot eyes and sweating a bit. He turns around to address PT, who’s grossing everyone out by running his big sausagey fingers all over the velour ceiling of the van. BRENDAN and CHRIS are both laying down behind PT trying not to pay attention to his fingernails on the velour.

NADER: Man, dogs! I think I may have pissed my pants last night, and I definitely tried to bone that girl.

CHRIS (sitting up in the back with huge smile): WHAT?

PT: That shouldn’t surprise you, McCooch. Doesn’t surprise me. (shit eating giggle)

NEIL: Oh man. (beat) How do you feel right now?

NADER: Oh, well, I’m gonna be pretty hung over eventually, but right now, I’m still mostly monster.

BRENDAN (sitting up): Dude, did you say mostly monster?

CHRIS: That’s a band name.

NEIL: That’s a GREAT band name!

NADER (miming talking into a microphone): What’s up Syracuse! We’re Mostly Monster. This is our first song. Ladies, get your tits out!

NEIL: Hey, I need to take a dump so I’m gonna stop up here. Is anyone hungry? There’s an arbys and a taco time.

So, anyway, Bad Sandwich was one of the best bands we came up with, along with Interesting Cafeteria (Chris in Germany: “It kind of smells like an interesting cafeteria in this place”), Chin Business (due to mocking some completely inappropriate facial hair on some San diego style dildo [parenthetical note: the ‘just the chin’ action is dumb looking. Yes. Even on you. Be a man and grow a mustache. Sheesh]) Uh…Technical Sex was a good band name we came up with…well, you get the idea. I’m not spilling all the great secrets of terrific band names here. I know how uncreative all you cock farmers are, and I don’t need to get some myspace message from some band called Chin Business next week thanking me for inspiration. Come up with your own band names. Nah, never mind. Use Chin Business. I dare you. I’ve still got like a nineteen page list somewhere.
Anyhoo, that’s where bad sandwich came from. We started talking about the awesome band, BAD SANDWICH, as a way to have fun with uncreative interview questions about influences, favorite bands to tour with, etc. NOW, there’s a fucking ska-funk band from England called bad sandwich. I don’t know if they’re ripping me off, or if they just came up with the name on their own, and honestly, I have no idea which one is lamer.
That’s the name of your band? Bad Sandwich? Fuck. And you play what? FUNK? IT’S 2009! AND YOU’RE FROM ENGLAND!!!! England is about as funky as fargo, man. (see, THAT’S a good band name. “Hey, we’re Funky as Fargo from Brighton. Ladies, get your tits out!)
Now there’s this other badsandwich blog started by some lame amateur penis enthusiast douche from Wyoming. It’s literally like what fifth grade kids write when they’re trying to write their own porn. Very well done. Then there’s the one that’s run by robits that we’ve already discussed (see the entry I, robit for explanation of what a robit is), and THEN there’s the scary one. The bible one. The one that’s all about the rapture and 666 and mega churching and all that shit. HOW THE FUCK DID THEY COME ACROSS ME???? This is not the work of robits, man. This is way crazier. Take the S and the P in ‘blogspot and switch them in my URL to see this wacky shit. I guess Jesus has a computer after all. AND he reads my blog. Pretty cool. Okay. Fuck this. I’m going to work. Um…it’s Friday, so that means it’s gonna suck out there. Bye.
(personal message below)
Hey summer! You wanna hang? It’s been too long. Come over later.

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14 Responses to Ladies! you know what to do!

  1. Saulio SBJ 123 says:

    Looks like you’ve been practicing your script writing. Also, “This is not the work of robits, man.” is supposed to be a kind of negative sentence, but the use of “robits” makes it all cute and hard to get scared about.

  2. Nick Oliver says:

    I was whaling away on her vagin and I felt my load start to cum again. I pulled out and spun her around and blew another fat load all over her face. That shit was fucken awesome. Overall it turned out to be a pretty good day!

    Wyoming guy is my new hero.

  3. Sean says:

    Hey, Sean from Chin Business here…

    just wanted to thank you for all your inspiration and shitttt…

    ha no, speaking of uncreative dildo’s… have you heard there is a band called The Ramblin’ Boys of Pleasure out in Ohio (I believe)…?

    They market themselves as “like an acoustic lawrence arms” but to me it just seems like a bit of a ripoff.. like they have one guy trying to sing like you and another trying to mimic chris… i dunno…

    They do have a good song or two tho… so gotta give them that… just… thought it was kinda funny…

    (theres also a band called The Disaster March… who I think are friends with The Ramblin Boys of Pleasure) sigh… just wonderin’ if you were aware kids are taking your song names and using them as their band names… so there’s some flattery in there I guess…

    Anyways, see ya the 10th @ cafe 11!


  4. Tony says:

    To be fair, I think The Ramblin’ Boys of Pleasure are more of a tribute band than anything else. They give their music away for free.

  5. Andrew says:

    this is the funniest shit i’ve read in awhile. even on here. If you don’t want to divulge more “inside the lawrence arms tour van” secrets on the blog you really need to write a skit/play/movie/book about it. Fuck, write an autobiography and you’ll probably get more readers than anything else. That small bit of conversation was one of the highlights of reading this whole blog, for sure.

  6. Head Above Water says:

    Although I’m sure these kids in The Ramblin Boy’s of Pleasure are probably refrencing (ripping off) BK. Its not like he came up with the phrase in the first place, its an irish folk song “Ye Ramblin’ Boys of Pleasure”. Obviously its not the same song. I guess its whatever

  7. KyleLM says:

    That shit is wild about switching your URL…waaaaay wild.

  8. Nate says:

    I love the bad band name game. Here’s my best two:

    The Electrical Death Apparatus

    The Ryan White Supremacists

  9. Ryan says:

    Did the liner notes by brendy boy not say they Ramblin… was from an old chicago band or something? I wish I could see these deleted posts before they get deleted, what are they actually saying?

  10. P.S Don't Write says:

    there’s a too

  11. nancy says:

    Has any lady ever showed you guys her titties on tour? I was just reading the Gaslight review from NYC on the org and a girl whipped her boobs out. Just wondering if that’s a popular thing to do, when you’re not at a Motely Crue show.

  12. 1TTH says:

    I am pretty sure this blog of yours is blowing shit up. you mention somethign and all of a sudden people want to know more

    Case and point that horrible horrible band Brokencyde have just been reviewed on Punknews –

    On a side note the ramblin’ boys are a good times, I mean I love in New Zealand so chances are I am not going to see them live but they give their music away for free, top guys.

    Speaking of New Zealand, whose dick do I gotta suck to get TLA down here?

  13. johnny B says:
    check it out apparently this kid’s been doing this since 2007. are you sure you didn’t rip him off that just spawned a further series of ripping off?

  14. tonedeff says:

    I’m pretty sure ‘the rambling boys of pleasure’ was a ‘fighters’ 7″, before a TLA song.

    So maybe you shouldn’t accuse bands of taking names…

    Besides, those bands probably wanted to pay tribute to TLA…

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